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Robot Pete Biography


Real Name:  Robot Pete  
Nicknames:  The Titanium Toddler, Your Positronic Pal  
Hometown:  Eugene, OR  
Height:  6'8"  
Weight:  330 lbs 


Biography:  Robot Pete was built to be the perfect friend! With his bestest pal Uncle Rocky, he enjoys teaching wrestling fans important life lessons, as well as learning new lessons from his hero Uncle Rocky! When he isn't experiencing childlike wonder with the world around him, Robot Pete enjoys playing Minecraft and listening to dubstep music (his one and only guilty pleasure). His favorite food is pineapple. Do NOT try to feed him a cheeseburger! 
Other Feds:  FIW, Boardwalk Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  BW Anarchy Champion (9x)  
Other Fed Awards:   


  • Time for a healthy snack! It's Pineapple O'Clock!
  • [E-fedding is] a hobby so nerdy, that 90% of the UTA viewing audience is too illiterate to even participate!
  • Uncle Rocky is not here right now! I think he maybe went shopping for healthy snacks and to teach sick kids the value of clinging to life!

Superstar Quote

"I think its time for you to take that ‘last nap’. Maybe someday, we will have the science to fix you, but for now, it seems as if all hope is lost buddy!’"

- Mikey Unlikely

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