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Real Name:  Jonathan Page  
Nicknames:  "Dandy"  
Hometown:  York, England  
Birthday:  13/05/77  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  235 lbs 


Biography:  With his striking blond good looks and natural charisma it was clear to many that Jonathan Page was destined for greatness.

After a talent scout spotted him working the independent circuit in the UK Page moved to the USA where many industry experts predicted a promising future. Technically gifted and extremely confident it seemed only a matter of time before Page made an impact on the national organizations but after making the jump to the big leagues his career began to flounder. Page's belief in his own ability far outweighed that of the company owners he worked for and as his demands became more unreasonable his reputation diminished. With a wealth of experience and a sizeable ego Page sees UTA as nothing more than a stepping stone to greater things.