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Rodney Marney Biography


Real Name:  Rodney Marney  
Nicknames:  The Carney  
Hometown:  The Psych Ward  
Birthday:  02/19/1987  
Height:  6'6  
Weight:  296 lbs 


Biography:  Born and raised in the carnival known as Psych Ward, Marney became the "Gentle Giant." It was there he met Kennedy. After many years of performance, the Carnival was forced to close by the State of Michigan. With this, Rodney grew angry and Kennedy introduced him to wrestling.

Rodney is looking to gain the noterity he once had as a performer. With the dream one day to bring back Psych Ward to it's former glory. 
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Superstar Quote

"It's drier than a popcorn fart."

- Luke Dibbins

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