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Real Name:  Nathan Gust  
Nicknames:  Whiteface Thriller, Undead Underdog  
Hometown:  Ozone Park, New York  
Birthday:  02-25-75  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  197 lbs 


Biography:  Who is this guy? Where did he come from? What can we expect from him in this strange, new world? These are some of the questions flooding the rumor mill of the professional wrestling world since my return early fall 2019. Although I have no problem telling the dirt sheets all the juicy yet usually juicy rumors… I think this time around I will just come right out and tell everybody who I am and what I am all about. Why bother hiding the past? Surely anybody interested in who I am can operate a search engine on the Internet. The problem with that method of learning is that I am the most credible source for my own history.

My name is Nathan Gust. I am fourty-four years young and have been in the professional wrestling business most of my life. At the young age of fifteen, I started hanging around a local indy fed called New York Championship Wrestling where brother-in-law Will was known as Aj Nin Red Rum. Yeah, “Murder Ninja” backwards. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have had all of the opportunities that I had. Everything I have today, I owe to him.

Our bond grew even closer that year due to my sister's untimely passing. She was my legal guardian since our parents had passed three years prior, and Will stepped up in a way I will be eternally grateful for. I idolized him, and that is what brought me into the wild world of professional wrestling.

I worked ring crew for NYCW for the summer and picked up a few tricks along the way that would help me during my training in the fall of 1990. Under the tutelage of Will and a few of his friends, I started wrestling for NYCW in spring of 1991 at the tender age of sixteen in a chicken suit using the name Hahn Mann. It was a comedy jobber routine that the fans loved and the hard work really paid off. By summer of 1991, I was allowed more time in the ring and even some without my ridiculous chicken suit.

That was also the summer that Will started working more often for Xtreme Championship Wrestling, a regional fed that was doing some decent ratings on local television networks. His influence with management got my foot in the door and it was there that my true career kicked in. That summer, I spent three months in camps with the likes of Connor MacDaddy, Kyle Murphy, Apocalypse, and Kabal… as well as my brother and his girlfriend Becky Thompson, known to the wrestling world simply as Ice.

By spring of 1992 at the age of seventeen, I made my debut for Xtreme Championship Wrestling and my performances received a great deal of praise from my peers and those in charge. Over the time spent in XCW, I held the United States Championship, Tag Team Championship with Rico Smith, and at a reunion show fifteen years after my debut match in XCW… I won the World Heavyweight Championship. It was at that reunion show that I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, too.

Overall, I had a lot of success with the organization where I truly got my big break. Aside from XCW, I worked all over the world. I held Cruiserweight, Hardcore, Tag Team gold in Southern Championship Wrestling, a regional fed based out of the Carolinas that also inducted me into their Hall of Fame. I was BlackJack Champion for Chaos Complex and Ironman Champion for Majestic Wrestling, both organizations based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I held numerous Hardcore Championships around the country with organizations such as Extreme Wrestling Alliance, International Wrestling Alliance, Iron Will Wrestling, and Paroxysm Wrestling. I had a great deal of success in a league called World Fantasy Wrestling where I held the Hardcore Title once, Intercontinental Title twice, and World Heavyweight Championship four times.

There were three organizations other than XCW where I really left my mark: Strike Fantasy Towers, Renegade Wrestling Alliance, and Fight One Xperience. Will and I were a big part of all three organizations, actually. The first was SFT where Will was World Heavyweight Championship three times. During my on-and-off years with SFT… I was Hardcore Champion six times, Tag Team Champion, Lightweight Champion, United States Champion, and TNT Champion. When I took a break from active competition, I started working behind the scenes and eventually worked my way up to be Co-Owner of the company. From there I was put into the Hall of Fame.

It was during my time at SFT that I discovered the truth about my heritage. The father who raised me was not actually my father at all. My mother had had an affair with a pro wrestling legend, known only to the world as Shadow. Yes, THAT Shadow, the founder of SFT, the man I considered a mentor throughout my years with the company. Shadow was extremely stubborn about the direction of his company, but he also cared so deeply for everyone who worked for him.

When there was nothing left for me in SFT, I moved on to help start up a promotion called Renegade Wrestling Alliance. I was semi-active as a competitor at that time and held the Hardcore Title three times, United States Title, and Tag Team Titles with one of my original trainers… Connor MacDaddy. Over the years, RWA was brought back by several… but it never lasted. One reincarnation of RWA was known by a different name… Fight One Xperience. It had basically the same system as RWA and a lot of the same workers. I was thirty-four when F1X started up and I was there as both a semi-active wrestler and “Der Führer,” which was just my way of being called Co-Owner. During the six month span of F1X, I was Vendetta Champion… which is the equivalent of a Hardcore or Extreme Championship.

The months following the inevitable demise of F1X I spent at home and at my training facility… Controversial Circle Wrestling Academy & Ice Cream Emporium. My old tag partner Rico Smith helps me on the training side of the complex and my old trainer Kabal – real name, Dan Lloyd – has full control of the ice cream side of the complex. I don’t understand his fixation with ice cream, but he was a huge financial supporter of my academy so I’m going to let him do whatever he wants with his half.

Aside from sporadic appearances with SFT and various random promotions for the years to follow, I never imagined going full-time on the road again. One major part of my life that I left out of this biography was my relationship with Sara Pettis, daughter of pro wrestling legend Ice. Yes, the same one who eventually married Will and had twins, Chris and Ricky. I know, I know. There's a LOT of stuff missing from this biography. A lot happened in the three decades I've been in this business.

So, Sara grew up in the business in a way not even I can truly understand. She was born into this life, raised on the road. By the age of 20, she was already one of the biggest stars on the planet. I envied her success, as I never truly took off the way she did. She is leagues beyond my abilities... and yet... she is my wife. They said we'd never make it, because of our age difference, but here we are... making it work. She and I have a daughter, Stephanie... named after my late-sister.

I had already basically retired from pro wrestling, focusing only on training the stars of tomorrow at CCWA&ICE. Sara has been successful as a sports agent, representing plenty of athletes from NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. I'm probably forgetting some acronyms. She's wildly talented at what she does, obviously. Everything was going great for us... until I woke up one night in fall of 2017 without any recollection of who I was, where I was... or anything, really. In a state of shock, I fell out of the second story window of our bedroom and vanished into the night.

That began the two year journey as "The Raging Dead." I truly believed that I was an undead monster who could only do one thing: fight. For two years, I wandered around the northeast and found myself wrestling anywhere and everywhere that would have me. One fateful night I was reunited with my niece – Madwoman Szalinksi – at a local event. No, I don't have the time to explain ALL of my family tree. That'll take volumes of books to explain. So, Madwoman convinced me on that night to come out to Trinity Wrestling with her. There was a Pure Division that she thought I would be perfect for. With nothing else going on, and no memory of the family I had left behind... I went out to Trinity Wrestling.

That began a two month journey to becoming Pure Champion. In my first defense of the championship, two weeks after winning it... I slammed the back of my head so hard on the ring steps that I suddenly became myself again. I won the match with Will's finishing maneuver, and instantly passed the fuck out. I spent the next two days unconscious in the hospital before waking up and asking Sara, “What the fuck is Action Wrestling?” Yes, Sara, from before. I remembered her, but not what I had done the last two years. So, Action Wrestling apparently bought out Trinity Wrestling, and that would serve as my new home away from home.

With Sara's blessing and close observation, I have become a part of Action Wrestling. My first order of business was to take part in a unification match of the Trinity Pure and Action Cruiserweight Championships. My first night on the job... I won that match and I am now YOUR Cruiserweight Champion. Who would have imagined that at fourty-four years of age, I would still be able to compete at this level? Certainly not me. That's for damn sure. But here I am... piecing this biography together... with Sara's help, of course. I've forgotten more about this business that most in Action Wrestling will ever truly know. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up... but I'm going to keep going until I can't.

Then I found out about a young, upstart promotion called Fans Wrestling Federation. I made my way there and soon debuted and took them all on a wild ride. I won my debut match by scaring Brandon Moore away from the ring long enough for a countout. Then I entered and won a Wild Card Rumble to enter the FWF World Championship tournament. That put me in place to compete at Make America Wrestle Again on Christmas Day 2019.

Now that you know my past, what can you expect from my future? Only time will tell. To be honest, I do not know what you can expect from me. The only thing I can promise right now is that I will do what I was born to do: fight. Competition is in my blood and I will soon show the world that I have the heart of a champion and the mind of a destroyer. As soon as I escape the prison that my mind has put me in.. 


  • "All your base are belong to Gust!"
  • "Rage 25/8!"