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Real Name:  Ashley  
Nicknames:  Hardcore Gangster  
Hometown:  Maidstone  
Birthday:  9/6/88  
Height:  6 ft  
Weight:  190.4 lbs 


Biography:  Ashley was a gangster and used to hang around outside shops smoking drugs and got into fights with anyone who gave him a funny look, lived in poor area, and sold drugs, to make ends meet, one day there was a gang war between a rival gang and one the members were killed by ashley's friend and ashley ran away and bumped into someone and that person was dreamer and ashley explained to him what was going and dreamer took him in rehab and got into the training school and moved ashley in to a new place so he was away from the past and ashley spent 2 years training and then have 1 year trained by dreamer before making on to the roster and winning matches and titles.