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Pin Smith Biography


Real Name:  Justin George-Washington Smith  
Nicknames:  The Real Deal  
Hometown:  Rochester, New York  
Birthday:  August 5th, 1985  
Height:  6'6  
Weight:  220 lbs 


Biography:  Justin Smith was born and raised in the wintry metropolis of Rochester, New York. He left home at the age of 18 and began traveling the world with nothing but the clothes on his back and the money he'd earned along the way. His travels led him from North Carolina, Indiana, and Alaska all the way to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Central America. His first documented wrestling match was in Denver in early 2014.

It was then and there that King began his ascent up the industry ladder, wrestling for a small time promotion out of Carson City. In advance to his first match, Smith hired Jessica Stone to be his personal assistant, agent, attorney, and to handle whatever else he might need. He did his talking in the ring while Stone tackled the task of calling every major wrestling promotion in the world to witness what the prodigy could offer on a larger stage. Stone made those phone calls before every show and in late July, a weathered talent scout from an indy promotion based in Vegas caught one of King's matches.

He was impressed enough to offer King better pay and brighter lights of the big stage. 'The Real Deal' skyrocketed up the ladder and through the fans' hearts and, in three short weeks, he was the face of the company without setting foot in the main event. Knowing full well that Smith's potential was great and his popularity would soon be larger than the promotion itself, Jess Stone decided to make one more phone call. On the other end was Michael Lorenzo, Director of Talent Relations for United Toughness Alliance. 
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