Peyton von Licht Biography

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Real Name:  Xander Hayes  
Nicknames:  X, Ximo, Uncle X, the Creepy Uncle  
Hometown:  Chicago  
Birthday:  3/15/1977  
Height:  5'8"  
Weight:  185 lbs 


Biography:  Born in Chicago, Had a modest upbringing but was very strange as a child, would find any way to creep people out. Went into DJing at the age of 16. Was found by Mr. Z of Destron Wrestling Federation to be their music creator. Made the transition into Wrestling. Joined CwA at the same time and really started to progress as a wrestler. Asked to join the RoughKut invitational and was schooled but was offered to stay within their federation. Left DwF and Cwa and joined the TfWf, had a small run there but left to join HoW. Became more famous within the techno industry and left to go raving and have some fun with Teddy. he returned in 2014 to Valor to help out the start up, and now has invaded UTA.