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Peyton von Licht Biography


Real Name:  Peyton von Licht  
Nicknames:  The Young Emperor, That Young Psychopath, The Light  
Hometown:  Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada  
Birthday:  December 21th, 1993  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  173 lbs 


Biography:  Ever since he was young, Peyton destined to become a wrestler. His father would prevent him from watching Vince McMahon’s wrestling programming, out of spite over the Montreal Screwjob. So, he grew up watching Puroresu. His favourite wrestlers were Shinsuke Nakamura and Jun Akiyama. Yet, he would sneakily watch only one wrestling promotion in America. That was ECW. ECW was considered mindless garbage by his father, but the creativity that the company had impressed the young Peyton.

Soon, he would start wrestling in backyards, hoping to fulfil his thirst for wrestling. His father did not condone his actions, but he eventually had to accept it. It was better than allowing his son to sit on his bum. But word began to get to him, his son had potential as a technical wrestler, but he had a mean streak to him. One day, his father went to see the end of a feud that Peyton was involved in. His father left horrified. His son had sadistic tendencies. Yet, these tendencies were covered by his taciturn personality.

Outside of the hardcore aspects, Peyton was a joyful individual. He had confidence in himself, but his stature made him usually the smallest wrestler in groups. He would try to hide away, keeping his words to himself. In promos, he would speak intelligently, not trying to ignite the ire of his opponents, but still manage to slide a cryptic insult. Well, he didn’t mean for it to be as such. He loves entertaining fans, as they bring his lifeforce. He’s an actor if anything. Crowd power can bring forth the best in people.

Do not call him the underdog. He doesn’t think himself the role. He is just a scrawny wrestler, trying to make his way.
Other Feds:  PWP  

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