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Real Name:  Teddy Jacobs  
Hometown:  Toronto, Ontario  
Birthday:  11/28/1984  
Height:  6'1''  
Weight:  240 lbs lbs 


Biography:  Born Theodore Jacobs, Teddy is the son of eighties wrestling icon, "Hardbody" Hudson Jacobs. His early career saw far more lows than highs, mostly due to the pressure of being Hudson's son and the expectations that came with such a lineage. Drugs, alcohol and hard partying were his vices, and dominated his life, leaving little room for success in wrestling.

That was until he decided to mix the two. Having floundered around the lower card as the directionless Teddy Palmer, he turned those vices into his strengths, owning them and his lifestyle. After adopting the ring name Sexton Hardon, he set GCW ablaze, quickly winning the Hardcore and Television Championships, which were eventually unified together. Things were great, and continued to be up until the closure of GCW.

While most of the wrestlers struggled to find work after the doors closed, Teddy and his new found persona had many avenues left to explore. Teddy signed a three picture deal with Vivid Entertainment, making a decent chunk of cash in the process. Turns out, it wasn't enough to live off, his movies were flops, and he's turned back to wrestling. Enter: United Toughness Alliance.