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Orobin Thor Biography


Real Name:  Orobin Thor  
Nicknames:  The Marine  
Hometown:  Houston, Texas  
Birthday:  5/7/81  
Height:  6'5"  
Weight:  265 lbs 


Biography:  Growing up, all Orobin wanted to do was to play football for the NFL. In highschool, he set several records for sacks, hits, and blocked passes than anyone in his school history at the defensive end position. Upon entering college, he made 1st string and continued to dominate at his position. In his senior year, he started training for the scouts during the season until his knee gave out in a game and he was injured for the rest of the season. His football dreams dashed, he joined the Marine Corp. Trained as a scout sniper, he was sent to Afghanistan for 3 separate tours of duty, earning medals for valor, bravery, as well as the Purple Heart and the Marine Cross.

Discharging from the Marines was the hardest thing he had ever done, but something much more worth while had opened its door. Pro Wrestling. He had followed it since he was a kid and it had inspired him to start training. Upon completion of the program, he started looking at companies. 
Other Feds:  None  
Other Fed Titles:   
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  • 'Its time to let loose this Dog of War!!'
  • OORAH!!
  • GET SOME!!

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