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Real Name:  Finn Donovan  
Nicknames:  El Trébol Jr.  
Hometown:  Boston, Masachusetts  
Birthday:  9/23/1995  
Height:  4'7''  
Weight:  120 lbs 


Biography:  Finn Donovan had a hard time growing up, with the heart of a lion and the body of a child. He had many heroes growing up (though the term growth was a relative term for him) with Tommy Oliver, Piccolo, and Deadpool to just name a few, the fighters who did not stand down against anyone. Of course, these men were all actors or fictional characters, but that didn't stop them from heavily influencing young Finn's life. His greatest passion, though, was the sport of wrestling. He spent the near entirety of his years watching the stars come and go, dreaming of the day where he would get big enough to do the same. Dwarfism had other intentions for his life, but the stubbornness of this Mick's Irish Blood won out.

Of course, a man of his stature found it difficult to find consistent work in the American circuit, so south of the border Finn Donovan went where he was welcomed with open arms into the Mini-Estrella divisions of the premier Mexican federations. It was here, at the tender age of seventeen (because this nerd had been smart enough to graduate school a year early) poured his heart and soul into the sport until he finally earned himself the greatest honor in the Lucha tradition: the mask. Rechristened El Trébol Jr, this masked superhero (so he thought he was) would continue to wrestle across the country, waiting for a chance to wrestle in the companies he had watched on television growing up.

A chance finally came in the company know as UTA, who found themselves hosting a show in Dublin without a leprechaun. So El Trébol Jr. was called upon in their time of need; if only they knew they were getting more than they bargained for