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Ningyo Biography


Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  Soulbird's Star Pupil, Queen of the Deathmatch Dojo  
Hometown:  Fukuoka, Japan  
Birthday:  7-19-96  
Height:  5'3  
Weight:  125 lbs 


Biography:  Growing up in the streets of Fukuoka, the woman who would become Ningyo learned to adapt her style to the fullest, mastering both the striking and power styles of wrestling. However, it was at a swim meet that she met up with the industry heavyweight Jade Goldman and got recruited into her Soulbird Fight Club, getting the name "Ningyo" because of her mermaid-like fluidity with her moves. In short order, she has risen to the top of her class and now seeks to take the professional wrestling world by storm.

While in her first federation, she trained at the Death Match Dojo, where she made friends with Lisa King and Pistola, whose common bond and masked forms led them to start the Sisterhood of the Mask. More notably, though, she fell in love with industry icon Nirvana, ready to make the last several years of his long and troubled life his best yet! So with her fierce loyalty and spirit, Ningyo is by NO means an easy out...if you face her, be prepared for a true battle! 
Other Feds:  Boardwalk Wrestling (former), Strike Towers Wrestling (former)  

Superstar Quote

"Never bet on or against a professional."

- The Second Coming

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