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Nigma Biography


Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  ???  
Hometown:  Unknown  
Birthday:  ???  
Height:  5'8"  
Weight:  185 lbs 


Biography:  Nigma is an overly-obessive and deranged ex-professor of psychology who uses a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to use the fears and phobias of his adversaries. He does not commit his crimes for wealth, but rather as a form of "research" to further study the effects of fear on humans (later, he does it to satisfy his own psychopathic desires), making the innocent citizens of UTA his unwilling guinea pigs.

this story has a start and middle and end and right now it's the middle, only he knows the end and why he's here. Only time will tell when the fear has been reached.

He becomes obsessed with fear and revenge from being bullied throughout his childhood and adolescence for his lanky frame and bookish nature. He commits his first Wrestling match at the age of 18 by brandishing a A mask in his high school parking lot during the senior prom. Dressed in the ghoulish scarecrow costume that would later become his trademark, Nigma causes the head bully, Bo Griggs, and his girlfriend, Sherry Squires, who had rejected Nigma, to have an automobile accident which paralyzes Griggs and kills Squires. From this, Nigma discovers a savage delight in literally frightening people to death.

Nigma has come to UTA to try his new brand of fear on them to see if he can gain the revenge for what he's lost in his past. 
Other Feds:  ???  
Other Fed Titles:  ???  
Other Fed Awards:  ???  


  • Is your mind playing tricks on you... or am I?
  • Oh he's fine. Just questioning his grip on reality. You should be doing the same any time now.
  • And at the end of fear, oblivion.

Superstar Quote

"You bloody survive, you disgusting little trollop."

- Bronson Box

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