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Mikey Unlikely Biography


Real Name:  Mikey M.  
Nicknames:  THE Worlds Greatest Entertainer!  
Hometown:  The Burbs  
Birthday:  April 1st  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  225" lbs 


Biography:  Mikey Unlikely rapped his way into the UTA coming off major commercial success in music. Selling millions of copies of his now notorious one hit wonder "Certified Suburban".

The young, wealthy, fun loving wrestler took the UTA by storm. After singles success, he quickly helped found "W.T.F. Collective" Which included Mikey, Bobby Dean, Doozer, and Will "The Thrill" Haynes. Mikey would go on to have a classic three match series with Bechtel Kush, in the early part of 2015, that would help Mikey move up the card.

In May of 2015, Unlikely landed a huge movie deal, being cast in a lead role, along side of three other actors in the blockbuster "The Wolfpack". Unlikely was injured once again just before filming and took time away from the ring to explore the movie business and heal up.

In August he shocked the world by not only making his return to the UTA, but in doing so abandoning his W.T.F.C. friends and aligning with Dynasty! This version of Unlikely would have a brand new attitude, and a sole motivation of success. Mikey would turn on Will "The Thrill" Haynes, sending them into a furious feud that would last four months. Tearing apart the UTA in the process. At International Affair 2015, Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes put on what many are calling the match of the year, in the epic I Quit match.

A few short weeks later, it was announced that Dynasty has been disbanded. Mikey Unlikely would move on from the group with his new "Best friend" Kendrix. Forming the tag team known as the "Hollywood Bruvs."

Other Feds:   
Other Fed Titles:  Skyfire Wrestling Honor Champion (Retired)  
Other Fed Awards:   


  • So while he sits alone, on his boat, with his STD infested Seamen… Mikey sits here, the future of the UTA.
  • I’m not intimidated… I’m not impressed… I’m getting better every week, and all of you stay the same.
  • Well I am back again folks! One more Wrestleshow, and one more win for the Unlikely one!
  • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t beat children… I just pin them against their will… wait no… I make they submit to my strength… no… dammit
  • Well, there is a limit, and you should talk to your doctor about what's safe! However, an extra two or three now and again, never hurt anyone right?
  • To come out and say that I AM HEADLINING would be extremely conceited and self centered. We all know how Mikey feels about self centered people…
  • I think its time for you to take that ‘last nap’. Maybe someday, we will have the science to fix you, but for now, it seems as if all hope is lost buddy!’
  • You’re not just facing another guy at Wrestleshow, You’re facing the future of the UTA, you’re facing a contender!
  • The world knows who I am… can you say the same?
  • Do not be too cocky, as their are many people here in the UTA that do not know how to handle the cocky!
  • Now WTFC becomes the GOLD standard of the UTA
  • Victory will be found in Unlikely places, and I will be walking away with that championship around my waist.
  • No amount of downward dogs, revolved triangle poses, or half moons, are going to help your face, when my elbow finds it repeatedly
  • As for me… Thanks to a stellar marketing team, whom I pay very very well, people demand Mikey Unlikely each and every week. The signs in the crowd, the shirts on the people, the shout outs on my the anticipation for my movie!
  • You see, this isn't any run of the mill wrestler factory. This isn’t Generic City. This is the U.T. fucking A! The cream of the crop, the top of the mill, the best of the best, the hardest of the hard

Superstar Quote

"I am the Definition Of Perfection!"

- Lance Mikes

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