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Mike Sawyer Biography


Real Name:  Mike Sawyer  
Nicknames:  Mean  
Hometown:  Council Bluffs, IA  
Birthday:  3/15/1960  
Height:  6'3"  
Weight:  260 lbs 


Biography:  Mike Sawyer is a longtime journeyman wrestler with a storied career on the smaller independent circuits, particularly in the American South. Sawyer grew up in Council Bluffs, Iowa where he excelled in both freestyle wrestling and judo. He attended the University of Iowa on a wrestling scholarship, but chose to drop out when his girlfriend became pregnant and he needed to earn money.

A chance meeting with a local wrestling promoter introduced Sawyer to the professional wrestling business. He made his professional debut in 1980 at 20 years old. He quickly made a name for himself in the local circuits as a capable and dangerous wrestler, noted for his technical prowess and incorporation of judo techniques. While he was a draw in Iowa, Sawyer reached the height of his popularity when wrestling in Oklahoma as “Mean” Mike Sawyer. While in Oklahoma, Sawyer enjoyed several years as a main event wrestler, becoming a regular champion of the territory. Also during this time, Sawyer was lucky enough to be invited to compete in Japan -an invitation that would be extended again and again for the next several years.

While he had been called to the “big show” on a few occasions, he was never a mainstay in the mainstream wrestling world. He had enjoyed relative success and, through meticulous financial planning, Sawyer was able to retire comfortably and enjoy his time with his wife and children.

That was until his wife divorced him for the family dentist, with whom she'd been having an affair for the better part of their marriage.

The divorce that followed dealt a significant blow the money that Sawyer had saved through his decades in the squared circle. Broke, bitter and hell bent on getting enough money together to retire to an island secluded from society, Sawyer has laced up the boots for one more run. Though his age will definitely be a factor, Sawyer brings with him an incomparable wealth of experience and knowledge along with a solid foundation in technical wrestling and judo. Further, he's been in the game a long time; he knows all the dirty tricks and he'll use every damn one of them to make those ends meet.
Other Feds:  Various Independents  
Other Fed Titles:  Regional championships  
Other Fed Awards:   

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