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Mike Harrison Biography


Real Name:  Mike Harrison  
Nicknames:  The Lionheart  
Hometown:  Blackpool, England  
Birthday:  14/02/1980  
Height:  6ft  
Weight:  228 lbs 


Biography:  A successful, grizzled ring veteran with a chip on his shoulder. He has made a fortune wrestling around the world, on the grandest stages of them all, and has decided to return to the independent scene to 'give back'. He is very blunt and to the point, and has a sarcastic sense of humour and loves to deadpan, something which can lead to awkward situations when people think he's being serious. Finally, he lives a playboy lifestyle, and is more than happy to let people know how much he thinks of his good looks and A-list party going lifestyle. 
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  • "Choke on that, sunshine!"

Superstar Quote

"Uncle Rocky is not here right now! I think he maybe went shopping for healthy snacks and to teach sick kids the value of clinging to life!"

- Robot Pete

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