Mike Harrison Biography

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Real Name:  Michael Wilson  
Nicknames:  ◾The Maniacal Enigma  
Hometown:  St.Louis Missouri  
Birthday:  9/30/91  
Height:  5'8  
Weight:  235 Ibs lbs 


Biography:  Michael Hardy was discovered by Jovi James on a trip to St.Louis Missouri to see a wrestling tournament at the age of 17. No relation to the Hardys. Fortunely Michael was in the tournament and won. Jovi James saw something in the kid and the rest was history as he was trained under UFC Legend Chuck Liddell, Pro Wrestler "The Darkstar Kid" Jovi James, Davey Richards and Chris Hero. During his time with SCW, he started to become unraveled as his darker suppressed side came out. During this time, Hardy became more darker and more risky. But never turning away from the Joker's of Armageddon. Overtime he let into his more insane side.