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Real Name:  Michael Byrd  
Real Name:  Samantha Bevins  
Nicknames:  SSB  
Hometown:  Raleigh, NC  
Hometown:  New York, New York  
Birthday:  June 3rd  
Birthday:  07/01/1977  
Height:  6'1  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  229 lbs 
Weight:  140 lbs 


Biography:  Michael Byrd has been wrestling for over ten years and has travelled the world. He now calls FWF his home as he looks to make a positive impression. 
Biography:  There is no denying that "Sensuous" Samantha Bevins is a household name in the pro-wrestling industry. Samantha took the pro-wrestling world by storm in late 1995. Since then, The Sensuous One has been blowing up television sets and live events. Samantha is a five-star manager. She has managed a multitude of champions around the entire world, most notably her #1 tag team, Lance and Max Studd, The Perfectly Perfect Duo.
Samantha is a strikingly beautiful business woman with poise, confidence and a killer attitude for winning. Samantha currently owns her own enterprise, Sensuous One Enterprises (an affiliate of Atlantic City Entertainment).
Samantha is an only child from a middle-class family in New York City who always dreamed of becoming a wrestling manager since a young age while watching wrestling with her father and going to live events in the area. Samantha loved the energy of the live events and often begged her father to take her to Madison Square Garden when they were in town.
Samantha's father was always a huge wrestling fan, teaching Samantha what a DDT was in the living room floor at the age of 8... much to the dismay of Samantha's mother. Samantha's mother, often bragging on Samantha's height and piercing green eyes, eventually persuaded her to compete in a few beauty pageants- she won, but never really got into it.
Samantha, a tom boy at heart, spent time pursuing sports such as softball and volleyball. She was a good student who spent time on the student government in high school, often aspiring to enter law school or own her own business, even though deep down she kept the dream of working in wrestling alive. Samantha would much later become interested in fashion and always loved to write.
While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science at NYU, she met a man by the name of Andru Edwards. Edwards, a wrestler at the time, would be Samantha's key to the wrestling world. Samantha and Andru had a romantic relationship and soon thereafter, Samantha began training with him and a woman named Sandy Cole. Cole, a New Jersey native, was a multi-time woman's champion champion and manager who had competed in circuits around the world. After a year in training, Samantha made her debut in 1995 at the age of 18 in front of a live audience at Madison Square Garden by accompanying Edwards to a match. She had finally made it big time.
Since that fateful night at MSG, Samantha became a force to be reckon with. The relationship between Samantha and Andru ended after a few years. The two had two children together, Devon and Sierra in 1996. After having her children, Samantha vowed to pursue her own career, become a top manager and save up money and return to school.
This is when Samantha left her two children for the first time with her parents and went on a vacation to clear her mind. Samantha made her way to sunny Florida, not knowing what would await her- Lance and Max Studd. It was in Florida, Palm Beach to be exact, where Samantha discovered the Studd brothers at a local independent pro-wrestling circuit. Samantha, impressed with their undeniable talent, signed the Perfectly Perfect Duo to a league in New York and took the boys to their first (among countless other) tag team title reigns.
Samantha continued to manage full-time and go to school part-time, eventually getting her MBA from New York University. Samantha, being the savvy business woman she is, decided to open her own promotion in late 1996. Samantha and her two best friends, lawyer Chris Wrigley and fellow childhood best friend, Kennedy Michelle Chambers, opened the ASW together. The promotion flourished and opened its door to a host of superstars that would become legends. Later, after ASW closed, Samantha went on to become president of a promotion called the ICW. Samantha has always been involved behind the scenes of pro-wrestling, even when she is not on camera.
Samantha entered SPW with a mission. This mission was to spread the word of women empowerment. Since being in SPW, Samantha aligned herself with "New York's Finest" Nikki James and they began the Young & The Beautiful. Samantha had a feud with Tiffany Lane over who was the true alpha female of SPW. Through Samantha's tenacity and earnest intent to win - she and Tiffany Lane eventually put aside their differences and joined forces.
In 2010, SSB eventually realized there were even bigger fish to fry and decided to work part-time for SPW while developing her own promotion. Atlantic City Entertainment (ACE) was born in 2010 and has since become a very successful endeavor for Samantha and everyone involved. Unfortunately, ACE shut its doors in 2012.
There are countless other stories in Samantha's career; being blackmailed by a man from her past, a notorious feud with a fellow female manager that lasted for years that involved jealousy from the counterpart, donning her wrestling attire and boots to win a woman's championship, a scandal with another promotion that ultimately led to Sam exposing the truth about their management, managing champion after champion, traveling to countless countries to promote wrestling, having her own proteges and more... if you want to know the inside details, you will have to just ask her.


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  • Michael Byrd once wrestled two 60 minute Iron Man matches in one night.