Max Burke Biography

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Real Name:  Gerik Maroda  
Nicknames:  The Vanguard  
Hometown:  Red Devil, Alaska  
Birthday:  09/29/1987  
Height:  6"5"  
Weight:  235lbs lbs 


Biography:  He is a former U.S marine born in Alaska. He joined the military after being kicked off his college wrestling team for fighting and injuring another USC student. While enlisted he earned multiple awards and medals but chose to not reenlist instead choosing to pursue his dream of being a pro wrestler. He traveled to and trained in Japan for 2 yrs before making his debut back in February of 2014 in the short lived Awf federation where he was crowned the feds 1st and sadly only world champion In the feds 3 month existence. Now he looks to the future in hopes of stepping up in competition.