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Real Name:  Mitchell Quinlan  
Nicknames:  MQ  
Hometown:  Brantford, ON, CAN  
Birthday:  March 28, 1988  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  235 lbs 


Biography:  Mitchell Quinlan was born and raised in the small city of Brantford, ON, Canada. He grew up a wrestling fan.

On his eighteenth birthday, he made the phone call to forever change his life; a phone call to the Squared Circle Gym just up the 403 in Hamilton, ON. Three weeks and thirty-five hundred dollars later he was off, touring Canada. His first shot in the 'big leagues' came with SCCW. With the Las Vegas based outfit, Mitchell would become a fan favourite and LiveWire Champion. He adopted the strict technical rules of the LiveWire Title Matches into his own code of conduct in a wrestling ring. An injury sidelined the 'Spirit of the LiveWire' and would see MQ sit out the last shows of SCCW.

When rehab was complete, Quinlan would be contacted by PRIME as they set out on a World Tour. They agreed to a three fight deal, with an option for a full time contract. After three showings that he himself would call, "embarrassing," Mitchell was quietly released. He was given a plane ticket back to YYZ (Person International Airport) and wished well in his future endeavors.

The most important flight of his life was the one that he didn't take.

Rather than returning home, MQ sought to sharpen his craft and spent the following three years doing exactly that. He first went to Thailand training in Muay Thai. That was followed by a Judo camp in the Ukraine. He'd then go on to perform in Japan, Russia and the Philippines. It was only a text message from his goddaughter that could get Quinlan on a plane, headed toward North America.