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Real Name:  Teddy Alexander  
Nicknames:  the Brutalitarian, the Phildelphian Nightmare, Pennsylvanian Paralyzer, the Warbasher, the Spinal Smash Monger, the Kaiju, Legit Fucking Beast Mode  
Hometown:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Birthday:  20th of February, 1990  
Height:  6'5"  
Weight:  286 lbs 


Biography:  Born into a home filled with broken dreams, Teddy was born to save a marriage. A father whose basketball career was cut down in it’s prime due to a debilitating knee injury that left him walking with the assistance of a cane at the bottom of a whiskey bottle trying to live his NBA dreams through his son. When his mother died from breast cancer at age of seven he was left with his drunk daddy and his daddy’s dreams. When the whiskey took over his father completely, Teddy was left to fend for himself and forge his own dreams.

A talented basketballer, he won a scholarship and started for Saint Joseph’s Hawks, majoring in psychology but unfortunately lost his scholarship two years in thanks to a fight his father got into with the Head of the Athletics department around his son entering the NBA draft early.

Teddy turned his natural ability to the wrestling ring when a buddy introduced him to Avery Prosser and honing his craft in the UWA, a breeding ground for NFW talent.

His rookie year quickly established him as a rage-fueled beast that could tear through any man any size with a penchant for not liking being one-upped and shoulders which were easily chipped, the man would seek vengeance until he'd had his fill.

A true neutral in the way he would destroy men on both sides of the fence with the fans loving or hating his blood lust.