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Real Name:  Jarvis Valentine  
Nicknames:  JV  
Hometown:  Omaha, Nebraska  
Birthday:  10/31/1985  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  285 lbs 


Biography:  Jarvis Valentine was born, and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. He was born to Mark and Tamera Valentine in 1985. The Valentine's were a modest family. Mark worked at the Kelloggs plant while Tamera stayed home and raised Jarvis.

School was mainly a breeze for Jarvis excelling in many areas. In the second grade Mark got Jarvis into amateur wrestling. Through the school years Jarvis learned and worked hard to get better each match.

Jarvis's senior year he made it to state. He was projected to finally win at his weight class, but his season was cut short as he tore his MCL/ACL in practice. Devastated at first Jarvis got the strength and courage to work through his injury.

After graduation he got offers from several different school to go and wrestle for them, but instead decided to try Pro Wrestling. While he has been working in the hotel business he trained at the Pro Wrestling School in Omaha and learned the trade of professional wrestling.

While working matches on the independent scene and working a full time job; Jarvis impressed some. He was then told to contact UTA about a possible contract. So now, after signing a contract with UTA he makes his Debut to the world as a professional wrestling!