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La Flama Blanca Biography


Real Name:  Eduardo Giancarlo Sanchez Molina  
Nicknames:  Champ, The Luchador, The Cruiserweight, The Headliner  
Hometown:  Durango, Mexico  
Birthday:  10/04/1987  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  215 lbs 


Biography:  Eduardo Sanchez is a new face to the profession but has been around wrestling his whole life. Only five years in the game and he's become a well known luchador in the world of Lucha Libre. He's the son of legendary wrestler El Gran Mahgo. Going by the ring name "La Flama Blanca" Eddie transforms himself into a high flying machine. Not skittish to jump to the top rope and fly. A several time tag team champion in his home country. It wasn't until his time in America where "La Flama Blanca" won world heavyweight gold.

La Flama Blanca's first year in the UTA has been highly talked about. After many times coming up short in the big match, The Luchador broke out soon after making a historic turn. In the process of joining Dynasty, La Flama Blanca turned his back on his one time friend Madman Szalinski. La Flama Blanca reinvented himself and become an elite level star within the company. Career making wins over The Spectre and the Five on Five UTA Tag Team Title Elimination match solidified The Cruiserweight as a top player in the game. The future face of the United Toughness Alliance.

His career is still young and there is lots of time for him to advance his championships and accomplishments in the business.

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Other Fed Titles:  N/A  
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  • Once I hit the top rope... It's already over.
  • I'll cut him down to size. Be sure of that.
  • I'm so over... I'm above.
  • Period, Stop.
  • The world will be watching, the Universe will be watching.
  • No one carries La Flama Blanca.
  • I’m going to keep going out there, Jamie. I’m going to keep lacing up my boots, putting my mask on and walking out to the ring.
  • So keep hating me, it’s been good for business ever since.
  • Wingate, he always gives the current roster a big middle finger as he brings in the talentless from around wrestling.
  • I don’t care what anyone has to say.
  • What?! What?! What?! Whether you like it or not, my time has come… I will make this promotion look good. Having champions, they can be proud of. We all want it but only some can handle it.
  • Hey Two C! I’m going to kick you in the teeth later!
  • I don't get got... I go get.
  • If anyone is to blame here, it is the fans… they turned on me. I never turned on them.
  • They want a show and I give them what they want.
  • Show you all, why I… am the franchise of UTA.
  • It's time for everyone to stop dreaming and come down to earth. It’s… My… Time.
  • Tonight, is all about La Flama Blanca.
  • Hell, I won’t let you let us down. I’m going to go out there at Victory and do it all by myself if I have to.
  • Leave big time wrestling to the real professionals.
  • I will go down as the greatest to ever step foot into a UTA ring.
  • Dynasty wants the Pay Per View subscriptions, the Pay Per View dollars… and so does the UTA. Sorry, you are going to have to pay for it, folks.
  • I do what I have to… and the fans eat it up.
  • Camera Man, zoom it.
  • Now... This is the point of the show where you all just shut your mouths and listen to what the champ has to say...
  • What will I do next, that’s always what they want to know. What am I going to do next? I’ll tell ya… Retain my Legacy title.
  • Is THIS going to be the time you cash in and become champ? Not if I have anything to do with it.
  • This is OUR home, WE run the UTA.
  • I know you’d all like us to be at each other’s throats… but who cares what you mouth breathers want? I know I don’t...
  • This isn’t as easy as just hitting me with a chair and retaining the title. There are no pinfalls or submissions in a First Blood Match. There are no DQ’s in a First Blood Match. The only way to win… is to draw blood from your opponent.
  • Instead of putting that money into an account for their kid’s college fund or putting it in their piggy bank for a Disney World vacation… they fork it over just to boo me? To boo Dynasty? No, no, no… It’s not JUST to do all that. It’s to see what happens next.
  • You can tell everyone at the over priced autograph signings you do when you retire that you wrestled one of the greats… and lost… twice. They will be impressed you ever had an opportunity to step into a ring with me.

Superstar Quote

"You can believe that!"

- Conrad Teller

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