La Flama Blanca Biography

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Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  Holy Roller, Roller  
Hometown:  Las Vegas, Nevada  
Birthday:  August 30, 1982  
Height:  6' 2"  
Weight:  221 lbs 


Biography:  The Holy Roller was a down on his luck man in Las Vegas before he spoke with God. he was led to start a Church and spread his message. The Church of the Holy Roller preaches that the sermon on the Mount was a warning. The Meek shall inherit the earth because everyone else is going to leave them behind. If you want something in this world, you have to work for it. You have to take it. You can't be meek in this world, or the next. Roller's message is very popular and he has become a very popular Televangelist. It doesn't hurt that he is a charismatic speaker or that he is usually accompanied by three beautiful women (Faith, Hope, and Charity). He does a lot of charity work with the money he gets and is full on FACE. He is a natural wrestler and sees the world of wrestling as a good way for him to spread his message. He also wants to give the wrestling world to the fans.