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Kozue Kazakatchki Biography


Real Name:  Kozue Kazakatchki  
Nicknames:  The Elegant Star  
Hometown:  Sapporo, Japan  
Birthday:  7th February 1990  
Height:  6'4  
Weight:  243 lbs 


Biography:  Kozue Kazakatchki is a former MMA pro from Japan, his pro martial arts career began at the age of 22 and ended at the age of 24 with a win loss ratio of 4/1/4. Then he began his professional career as a wrestler, signing with RISING in late 2014. After two whole years of becoming one of the biggest wrestlers in Japan and a multi time RISING World Champion the internet took notice. He became a fan favourite with hardcore wrestling fans, being the strong style wrestler in which they desired. Then UTA caught notice, and signed him to a contract in the late of May 2017. 
UTA Awards:   
UTA Championships:   
Other Feds:  RISING: Kozue had competed in RISING becoming not only one of their top talent but a multi time world champion, this is when UTA began to take notice and signed him to a contract in May of 2017  
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