Kid Inertia II Biography

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Real Name:  Johnathon Fitzpatrick  
Nicknames:  The Gold Standard  
Hometown:  Miami, Florida  
Birthday:  09/07/1979  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  235 lbs 


Biography:  Sektor was born into the wealthy Fitzpatrick family in Miami, Florida. His father was a successful businessman and because of which he spent very little time with his son. The time he did spend with him mostly involved pushing him towards the family business, but Sektor always knew his life should follow a completely different path. With a burning desire to become a professional wrestler, Sektor ignored his father and left home at an early age. His father outcast him as a result and cut him off from the family and wealth associated with it.

Sektor had his first professional match by the age of 21 and worked at a whole host of different indy wrestling circuits, before finally landing in High Octane Wrestling in 2002. His cocky, arrogant and narcissistic nature evolved from this point and his ego soon began to run away from him. His love of pure wrestling and ideologies for the sport never left him, however, and he always kept his sights firmly set on becoming World champion.Sektor married and had a daughter, but due to a life on the road his wife became frustrated and fell out of love with him, until one day he arrived home to find her in bed with another man. overwhelmed by anger and sadness, he attacked her leaving her barely conscious and with a broken jaw. He was then sentenced to six months in prison and during this time his now ex wife took herself and his daughter out of the country where he could never find them.

This was the beginning of Sektors downfall. He chose his love of wrestling over his family, and although he never regretted it, he didn't cope too well with it either. Over the years, Sektor has battled with drugs and alcohol, and too this day it is still widely rumored that Sektor likes a drink and isn't exactly clean when it comes to class A drugs. After many ups and down and capturing his first World title as well as other various titles, Sektor found his best form in 2013-present, breaking records with titles, winning a further 3 World titles, becoming 2014 Wrestler of the Year and being immortalized into the HOW Hall of Fame. His dominance as World champion lead to him earning the title 'THE GOLD STANDARD.' He has also had his daughter back in his life, 9 years later, after the death of her mother. Unfortunately after only a year being back in his care, she has been taken into protective custody by the CPS after Sektor left her home alone. Now he looks to cement his legacy as the greatest of all time, and at the very least win back the respect of his daughter and himself.