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Joshua Jones Biography


Real Name:  Joshua Jones  
Hometown:  Piedmont, CA  
Birthday:  7/25/1989  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  217 lbs 


Biography:  During his career, Joshua Jones has stood across the ring from true titans of wrestling. He battled against legends, left everything he had in the ring, but ultimately come up short in the end. The little guy has shown a willingness to do just about anything in order to make it, including putting together a catering company (J-Crew) that provided a wrestling company's meals for the better part of a year. He even embraced the darker side for several months, but even then he came up just a little short. His heart really wasn't into it anyway. Despite minimal accomplishments, he managed to gain some powerful acquaintances and build an unusually large cult following. 

Joshua's arrival in Boardwalk was met with several setbacks. As the losses piled up, Joshua started to believe that he was being treated as a punchline, a fear that proved to be true when the Atlantic City Champion himself, Rico Smith, directly insulted the young man's credibility. Enraged, Joshua snapped. He went on an absolute tear, dispatching several opponents, with one goal in mind: destroy Rico Smith. After helping his Good Friend, Uncle Rocky, dethrone the wicked Rico Smith, Joshua suddenly disappeared. It turned out that his inner circle (a group that included his mother) had grown so concerned about Joshua's mental state that they basically forced him to stop wrestling.

Having been given a clean bill of health (he's back to normal, at least, for what that's worth), Joshua was desperate to return to the ring. Not even he would guess what would follow. Clearly, "normal" is a relative term, but it didn't last long. 
Other Feds:  ELITE, FIW, Boardwalk Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  FIW Fighting Spirit Champion  
Other Fed Awards:   

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