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Real Name:  Kraven Carter Kennedy  
Nicknames:  "Chaos". "The Admiration of Discourse", "The Artist of Sorrow"  
Hometown:  Athens, Greece  
Birthday:  December 26, 1987  
Height:  6'8  
Weight:  275 lbs 


Biography:  Birth:

Born Kraven Carter Kennedy, Kraven "Chaos" Kennedy was born in Athens, Greece, December 26, 1987. He was the son of a beautiful Athenian woman named Aglaia (which means "beauty" or "splendor" in greek myth) who was a translator for the local militia, and an African American Marine from Atlanta, GA, Maybane Kennedy.

Parents Background:

Maybane met Aglaia in a covert mission, where she was to translate a hostage situation of a fellow American marine in 1982. After a successful mission, the two fell in love, and soon after, Maybane retired from the Marines and settled down in Athens with Aglaia, after marrying her in ATL, he moved there and got a job as police commission of the Athens Police Headquarters in 1984. Aglaia wasn't ready to move to the states yet.

Sometime after Kraven turned 4 years old, Maybane, now 45 and his wife just 31, decided to move back to the states after a mild economic depression hit Athens in 1992. They moved to Athens, Georgia, not far from Maybane's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, in which had a lot of job opportunities when joined with near by Clarke County. However this is where things changed in the Kennedy family life.

Early Childhood Tragedy:

Aglaia, knowing multiple languages, worked for an agency that helped immigrants learn english. There she met a young greek man (specific region unknown), and had an affair, and her personality started to change as she got more accustom to American culture, and the way her beauty got a lot of attention in the states.

She started calling Kraven, who suffered mind mental disorders as a child because he picked up on some of his fathers mannerisms caused by war, ugly and stupid, even tho he was a very handsome mixed kid. This was caused by her depression of Maybanes PTSD, and also the attention others would give her, making her wish she had a new life.

Kraven, as he turned 6, started to resent his mother, what people called beautiful, he seen nothing but ugliness. His father began drinking as he suffered more and more from PTSD, but never ever harmed Kraven or treated him wrong, and Kraven thought his father a "beautiful" person, though his face was scarred from war.

These thoughts began to develop and interfere with his mild schizophrenia, and the way he saw the world. However, when he was 7, his father finally found out about his mother's affair, and a life changing event happened at home. He saw his father ruthlessly beat his mom to a pulp, and to an inch of her life. After it all was over, he and saw his mom laying there a bloody mess, crying and saying she sorry and that she was change, in Kraven's mind, he seen the most beautiful version of his mom he has ever seen, and thought his father as the most artistic person in the world, the way his punishment change his mom for the better.

However, when the police came, Kraven dad's PTSD kicked in and he started shooting at the police, which resulted in his death.

Young Adult Life, and Gateway to Wrestling as a Passion:

Afterwards, while living with his mom (who never remarried and changed into a more humble person) into his early teen years, he got into trouble because he liked acting out his favorite wrestlers personas at school and gettin into fights, and winning them, convincingly. It was then he met a wrestling coach, named Wally Sanders, who also so happen to have a masters in psychology, but had a arrest that stopped his psychology work, and now he worked with young adults in sports.

He could tell how "special" Kraven was, both mentally, and physically. He knew Kraven's brain feasted on fighting because he felt like he could learn more about a person though revealing their inner pain. He also found out that even something as small as a pencil snapping would cause Kraven's mind to wonder bout the contents and debris it created.

Wally's job was to make sure Kraven, who was really good natured in spirit, could keep those instinct competitive, and not turn to a life of crime. He did a good job as Kraven won 3 state amateur wrestling championships, and went on to win 1 NCAA championship. All with Wally by his side. They parted ways but still kept in touch.

Adult Life and signing to UTA:

After college, graduating with a masters degree in Art Therapy, which helped him cope with his disorder, and help others, he worked at a mental institution for kids who needed help with their problems.

However one day, he caught glimpse of a fellow employee mistreating a child, and German Suplexed him into a table. He did put him in a choke hold until police came.

Another employee recorded the incident, and it went viral on Youtube. And after getting off on a trial with a slap on the wrist due to the fact he was trying to help the children, and his mental disorder, he was getting calls from all sorts of wrestling organizations, looking to cash in on the incident.

The most important call, however, came from his old coach, Wally Sanders, who introduced him to a professional wrestling training camp, and to an ad where UTA was looking for new singles competition.

Kraven went through training, however, he also went through a more dark transition in life, as he no longer could work with kids, which was the reason why he stayed sane for so long. He doesn't talk to his mother much, but when he does he only think about bad memories.

One day during training, he couldn't stop beating his opponent, and told Wally it was because he was painting a beautiful picture, and it wasn't quite yet finish.

Wally Sanders figure that Kraven personality transformation would make him an even more marketable wrestler, and actually fed into Kraven's perspective of destruction and beauty.

Kraven, at age 27, put together a training video and promo package, and Wally Sanders sent it in to UTA, and the rest......was history.