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Jeff Andrews Biography


Real Name:  Jeff Andrews  
Nicknames:  The King of the Bittermen, the Cross-Wired Time Bomb, The Old King of New School, He Who Once Was Dubbed 'The Man'  
Hometown:  Deadman Crossing, Ohio  
Birthday:  September 1978  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  264 lbs 


Biography:  Jeff Andrews spent the bulk of his career in interfed systems - first the CAL (Coalition of Affiliated Leagues), then the WfWA (World Wrestling Alliance). He operated two promotions - first the Innovative Wrestling Alliance (from 2001-04), and then Old Line Wrestling (from 04-08). Despite being a full time promoter, he also found time to accumulate four World Title reigns, as well as two World Tag Title reigns.

But he was always plagued by personal demons of the kind that caused him to burn out, often taking his bridges down with him.

The year was 2013, and Jeff Andrews was sick of wrestling. His life away from the ring was falling apart, and he had no interest in actually doing anything. But he couldn't step away, couldn't force himself to walk away from the business he'd put so much of his life into. And by the time he finally did walk away, he'd lost his girlfriend of 15 years, and made an enemy of a person in DEFIANCE with enough stroke to keep him from coming back.

So he sat at home. And he did nothing, just sat and drank beer and started burning his way through the money he'd made over his 20 year career. And he got more bitter, and he got more angry, and finally he got bored, and he started looking for something to do. But he had no imagination because he'd done nothing but eaten, drank, sweated and slept pro wrestling for 2 decades, so he started looking to get back into wrestling. And he decided on UTA.

Because of his history with Eric Dane, Jeff Andrews very nearly joined the Pantheon before Dane had even publicized the stable's existence. Instead, Andrews decided to turn over a new leaf. He came into the UTA as a good guy, and found himself opposing the Pantheon instead.

Superstar of the week after only having been in UTA for 2 Victory cards, people who don't know Jeff Andrews are watching him ascend the rankings - and people who do know him are waiting for the Cross-Wired Time Bomb to explode. 
Other Feds:  DEFIANCE
Other Fed Titles:  DEF World Heavyweight Champion
DEF World Tag Team Champion (w/Heidi Christenson)
DEF Southern Heritage Champion
WfWA Double Crown Champion
CAL World Heavyweight Champion
CAL World Tag Team Champion (w  
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"Time for a healthy snack! It's Pineapple O'Clock!"

- Robot Pete

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