JC Davis Biography

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Real Name:  Justin Williams  
Nicknames:  The black dragon  
Hometown:  Detroit,MI  
Birthday:  3/21/85  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  140 lbs 


Biography:  growing up on the street's of Detroit little Justin william's fighting for his life as a group of kids nearly beat him to death he walked to a mirror and told his self enough of this shit! after he got his Ged he went to Japan to train with the likes of Tajiri,and The Great Muta. Wrestling over seas for nearly 7 years Justin finaly came home to Detroit and wrestled in a few independent matches for JCW. He ended up on becoming the JCW world heavy weight but losing it in a bloody brawl. after that match he had to take a year off due to his mother's death and so he fins his self over at UTA where he plan's to get back to the top