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Jade Justice Biography


Real Name:  Jade Teixeira  
Nicknames:  Atomic Fireball, Queen Of Crazy  
Hometown:  Terciera Island, Portugal  
Birthday:  03/14/1985  
Height:  5'4  
Weight:  120 lbs 


Biography:  Previously known as Miss Jade, she was shunned away from the ring from many organizations. She went away to spend time with her new fiancée Justin Justice who they now have a child together. She has got back into shape and ready to get back into the ring. She is more cold and lethal as she has a lot of frustration and anger to dish out. She will not tolerate anyone disrespecting her or her family. She is now a vigilante to get the respect she deserves.She has a very dark past and can become crazy when provoked. She has recently become engaged to a multi-promotion champion Justin Justice. As she is not a very sociable with a lot of people around, she is easiest to get to know when alone. 
Other Feds:  None  
Other Fed Titles:   
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Superstar Quote

"There's other people a lot nicer; I call them losers."

- Kathryn Velmont Thomas

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