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Goliath Biography


Real Name:  Jonathan Baily  
Nicknames:  The Monster, The Body Breaker  
Hometown:  Las Vegas, NV  
Birthday:  January 1, 1981  
Height:  6'8  
Weight:  283 lbs 


Biography:  Jonathan began his career as a prize fighter in Las Vegas. When he never went pro in boxing, he turned to collecting money for local crime bosses.

He gained the name "Goliath" due to his build.

Although he has been charged in several major crimes, including murder, Jonathan has never been convicted.

Wanting to go legitimate, Jonathan enrolled in a pro wrestling school before touring with several independent circuits and eventually the UTA. However, his rough ring work has caused concern for the well being of his opponents and he quit getting bookings.

Until now where Goliath feels he will fit in the best... back in the UTA where he began. 
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"If you’ll excuse me I have to go take a ‘Hightower'."

- Turk

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