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Real Name:  Max Burke  
Nicknames:  Pro Wrestling's Pedigree  
Hometown:  Dorchester, New Brunswick [Canada]  
Birthday:  03/29/1981  
Height:  6'0"  
Weight:  220 lbs 


Biography:  - Third Generation Wrestler
- Grandfather (William aka "Bill"), and then Father (William the 2nd aka "Billy") ran a promotion in the Maritimes between the 60's-80's.
- His three uncles were professional wrestlers. (Ben, Brad, Bryan)
- His uncle, Ben Burke was his trainer. Began training in the fall of 2008. His uncle was adamant in taking his time with Max. He realized that Max was the continuation of the Burke legacy.
- Debuted in 2011 with local promotions.
- Signed with Sin City Wrestling in 2012 as a member of the Young Lions with his partner Trevor Irons.
- Was a member of the Party Horde, under the tutelage of Aleksei Koji in his early days with SCW. Max eventually turned on the group after several attacks by Kain with in his opinion no backup from the members of the Horde.
- Broke out on his own as a singles star, and engaging in a war with Kain. This lead to several battles with the "King of Kings".
- Defeated Kain on 08/18/2013 for the Roulette Championship, and held the title until 11/10/2013. Following the loss of his title to Jeremiah Hardin, The Saviors attacked and buried Burke in an open grave!
- Burke returned on the final show of 2013, and made it very clear without even saying a word that he was back for the SCW Heavyweight Championship.
- Came up short at My Bloody Valentine against SCW Heavyweight Champion, Giani Di Luca, and Jeremiah Hardin. However, he was not pinned and impressed in his showing in the match.
- Looking to expand his knowledge, and raise his career to new heights Burke's schedule allowed him to sign with UTA to test himself against even more of the elite in this industry.