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Gentleman Jack Biography


Real Name:  Jack Lee Theodore  
Nicknames:  The Magnificent Manly Majestic Masterful Matchless Melodious Meritorious Meticulous Mighty Muscular (and oh so modest) Mustachioed Marvel, The Mustachioed One, The Duke of Debonair, The Sultan of Sophistication, The Emperor of Excellence  
Hometown:  The Land of Gentlemen (otherwise known as England)  
Birthday:  8/11/1984  
Height:  5'11  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Gentleman Jack isn't just a gentleman, nor is he just a gentle man. No, the Mustachioed One is a genteel-man, of the highest regard. Or so he would have you believe. In reality, he can be just as mean-spirited as your common thug.

In fact, the life of a street thug is where the man who would become Gentleman Jack, Jack Lee Theodore cut his teeth. You see, while Jack is indeed an Englishman, he was hardly one of the Received Pronunciation dialect speaking rich boys, instead living in the rough streets of East London, the son of a single mother who spent her days working in a plastics factory. These are only the basics of what is known of his childhood, as he refuses to speak of it himself. It has been rumored that Jack spent his teenage years in street gangs, though no confirmation of that exists.

What is known is that as he grew older, he grew disgusted by the commoners and other ruffians of his neighborhood, or 'pathetic chavs' as he might call them. Eventually, he decided that he was better than the people who surrounded him, and he went out of his way to prove that fact. He applied himself in school, and earned top marks, granting himself a spot in no less than Oxford University, where he once more shined.

It was here that he truly began to study on the art of being a gentleman. Etiquette, manners, even rhetoric were all things that he studied in his time there, all on his own of course. He developed the moniker "Gentleman Jack" while there, though most of his colleagues mockingly referred to him as "Gentleman Jerk", as his arrogant and narcissistic attitude tended to irritate those around him, no matter how 'polite' he acted.

And what is most important to our story, it was his college time that he mastered the gentlemanly art of self-defense, Bartitsu, developing a firm grasp of boxing, judo, wrestling, savate, jujitsu, and even the art of cane fighting, also knowing how to use them all in conjunction with one another.

Soon enough, he graduated from Oxford, and seemed to be set for a successful and profitable career in nearly anything he chose. Instead, mysteriously, he suddenly moved to America, not long after graduating.

Though he had a fine education, it did not translate to immediate job success once making it to America, its economic lull still in effect. In an effort to keep money on the table, he took to being a conman, using his British charms, and knowledge of rhetoric to con anyone from little old ladies to little kids. He saw nothing wrong with his cons, figuring if they were smart enough, they would see through them, and those who didn't get it deserved it for their lack of intelligence.

Despite his intelligence, craftiness, and skill, he was bound to run into trouble from time to time, and it was there that his mastery of Bartitsu came to great effect, as those who sought to punish him never went back to their respective bosses without some sort of fracture.

After a while of floating between real jobs, and handling his cons, Jack soon grew tired of it all, and wanted to find some sort of work that would give him consistent, and bountiful money. A little fame never hurt anyone after all.

His lucky break would come after stumbling through the channels on TV, and coming across a local professional wrestling show. He enjoyed watching amateur wrestling, and figured professional wrestling would be that, only on a higher level.

Of course, he was surprised to see sordid storylines, hardcore matches, bleeding, cursing, among other things. His sensibilities were ruffled to no end, though the possibilities were not lost on him. He researched the sport, and became intimately familiar with it, deciding eventually that it could be just what he needed: something that made use of his unique blend of skills.

He needed minimal training, given his prior background, but found a wrestling school for him, and trained there, refining his skills even more, and also giving him valuable connections that would serve him well.

His professional debut went off without a hitch, and he found immediate success working with various small-time independent promotions, winning championships in all of them. His unique blend of strength, stamina, and nearly unmatched technique made him a mighty foe indeed. That, and the occasional eye poke or low blow, of course.

After making a name for himself on the small-time, he soon decided he needed to find a true promotion to stake his claim in the world of professional wrestling. A place where he could become a star, and become a new standard bearer for gentlemanliness in the crass wasteland, as he found it, of professional wrestling.

One promoter recommended the United Tougnness Alliance, and upon seeing it for himself, he decided that it was worth a try. Sure, it was filled with the same degenerates and reprobates that were in most pro wrestling promotions, but he saw it as a challenge. He would bring his special brand of class and elegance to the big state. And, as a bonus, fame, stardom, and a steady paycheck would soon come his way.

Now that the story of Jack Lee Theodore has been elaborated upon, let's now have a short description of Gentleman Jack, the wrestler.

Out of the ring, Gentleman Jack is an exceedingly formal and uptight man, dressing in only the finest tuxedos. While he was polite, and could even be charming, especially to the ladies, at times, his general arrogance and condescension of his demeanor tended to repel those who did not care for being talked down to.

In the ring, Gentleman Jack is much the same, at least at first. Dressed in a wrestling singlet, he even offers his hand out at the start of each match, presumably as a sign of respect. He upholds the rules of professional wrestling, even carrying a rulebook detailing what was illegal and not in a match, and making use of it whenever he felt an opponent had violated a rule, hoping to earn an win via disqualification, which rarely worked. He typically relies on his vast arsenal of suplexes, takedowns, holds, hooks, and submissions to take his opponent down. When in a pinch, however, he brings out a more aggressive style, utilizing kicks, punches, and other strikes. When that fails, he will use his knowledge of chokeholds, and will even resort to illegal tactics, though he is generally able to do it in such a way that he is not caught. More often than not, that combination will get the job done.

In short, Gentleman Jack is a man who prides himself on his gentlemanly nature, and vast amount of wrestling skill, and carries himself as such, though he is more than willing to dip into the same conman tactics that kept him afloat during his time pre-wrestling. 
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  • Gentlemanliness is next to Godliness.
  • What say you to a bout of spirited competition?
  • I put the MANLY in Gentlemanly!
  • Veni, vidi, vici

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