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Frank Washington Biography


Real Name:  Frank Washington  
Nicknames:  (The) Revolutionary, (The) Revolutionary Turncoat, The Benedict Arnold of Professional Wrestling  
Hometown:  Now residing in San Jose, California  
Birthday:  December 19, 1982  
Height:  6ft  
Weight:  233 lbs 


Biography:  Frank Washington found success in early 2007 wrestling in an Indy promotion in Stockton, California where he not only captured his first championship but would become a double champion before the promotion shut its doors. From there he joined various promotions in New York, Knoxville, and Connecticut just to name a few managing to find success in nearly every promotion he stepped foot in gaining a reputation for putting on great matches win or lose. In 2008 he truly began to find his stride as the “Revolutionary Turncoat” from his heinous betrayal in favor of Devastation Inc. before taking time away from wrestling to heal nagging injuries and pursue other interests. He would return once again to professional wrestling at the beginning of 2010, catching fire with the “Revolutionary Turncoat” gimmick by further cementing his unpredictability and willingness to turn on his longtime friend at the drop of a dime, Robert Garland, all in the name of furthering his own career in what was potentially the hottest feud of 2010 in New York. In New York he cemented himself as a showcase wrestler, elevating the Interbrand Championship to near main event status during his reign. Near the end of 2010 he took time away from professional wrestling again, only wrestling sporadically until 2013 when he rediscovered his passion for the business back in Knoxville. After a contract dispute with the Knoxville territory and raising hell in Canada with The Jokers Wild Frank Washington comes to the UTA to write the next chapter in his career. 
Other Feds:  ICWA  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"And oh, the mysterious indie trollop hiding behind her own skirts, the second coming of what, dear? Even the best in Chicago is still in a class below me, lass. That’s a confirmable fact."

- Bronson Box

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