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Eric Dane Biography


Real Name:  Eric Dane  
Nicknames:  The Only Star  
Hometown:  New Orleans, LA  
Birthday:  09/28/71  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  240lbs lbs 


Biography:  Eric Dane's is a story of redemption. Experts have said that his in-ring career should have ended after his stalled run with NFW, but he's shown just recently in a match with his hand-picked protege in DEFIANCE, Dusty Griffith, that he's still got what it takes to put on the Match of the Night when it counts. The question is, can he do it in an environment where he doesn't control all of the X-Factors? Well, that's what the former multiple time World Champion intends to find out! 
Other Feds:  Formerly: NeWA, WfWA, NFW  
Other Fed Titles:  NeWA World (x2); NeWA North American (x1); WfWA World (x4); WfWA Summer Games Champion (x2)  
Other Fed Awards:  NeWA Hall of Famer; WfWA Hall of Famer  


  • "I am because You aren't."
  • “You’re all a bunch of pretty, pretty princesses! Now can we please stop squabbling like hens in the coop and get back to the business at hand?”
  • "The lot of you are going to get a first hand lesson in why they call me The Only Star, and when it’s all said and done not a single one of you will ever be the same."

Superstar Quote

"What will I do next, that’s always what they want to know. What am I going to do next? I’ll tell ya… Retain my Legacy title."

- La Flama Blanca

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