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Real Name:  Shane Corrigan  
Nicknames:  FKA  
Hometown:  Yucca Valley, CA  
Birthday:  June 25th, 1966  
Height:  6'0  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  FKA the Wrestler, or Formerly Known As, The Wrestler, has come to the UTA in an effort to reclaim past glory of his twenties as a World Champion in a now defunct and unknown wrestling promotion. He has been out of the spotlight for approximately twenty years, and now at the age of 48, he is forced due to outside pressures to do the one thing he knows how to do: fight.

As a younger man, FKA was passionate about the professional wrestling business. He ate, slept, bled and breathed the business. He kept his body in tip-top form with meticulous work-outs, enjoyed satisfying his sexual appetite, and also his appetite for drugs. Eventually, he became professional wrestling's "bad boy," with a string of drug related arrests tainting his name. Now, FKA blames the world of professional wrestling for his personal tragedies.

His past decisions provided the artistry for the picture that haunts him today. FKA now sees professional wrestling as a means to an end. A way to punch in his clock, make a paycheck, and continue to live his unhealthy and at times, volatile, lifestyle. Without drugs. And, after years of no wrestling promotion wanting to come near FKA, UTA has taken the plunge.

It has also been noted that FKA seems to detest what professional wrestling has become since he left the business, and considers himself a veteran who helped paved the way for professional wrestling to become the successful commodity that it is today, though he may gloss over the fact that while he may have been a World Champion, it was in a no-name federation that is now, and forever, irrelevant. Moreover, he is quite disillusioned, believing himself superior to those who came after him because they were not apart of "his day." He also believes wrestling has lost its "edge" and he is committed to bringing it back.

Has the UTA made a mistake in letting this former drug fueled, self-righteous, middle-aged hot head in their company?

Only time will tell...