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Dr. EMO Biography


Real Name:  Gia Shawcross  
Hometown:  Roswell Ohio  
Birthday:  September 22nd 1990  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  185 lbs 


Biography:  Extremely intelligent graduated high school at the top of his class at the age of seventeen and attended Ohio St. for a year before dropping out and taking on a career in wrestling at the age of eighteen.

While wrestling a light schedule he was able to complete his Psy.D degree during his off time which he completed late 2012.

During his wrestling career, working mostly for the XWF, he found some success mostly in the upper midcard territory. Though in 2011 he was able to break out and reach the main event level that was mostly due tot he lack of stars at the time. Since then he over saw the development of Anjelleka Slayter before deciding to return to the ring in 2013 
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Superstar Quote

"You can lick my nut sack, Front to Back."

- Chance Von Crank

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