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Dexter Pointdexter Biography


Real Name:  Dexter Wadsworth  
Nicknames:  The Keyboard Warrior  
Hometown:  Wilmington North Carolina  
Birthday:  7/10/97  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  225 lbs lbs 


Biography:  Dexter Pointdexter is what you would consider your typical gamer nerd. From Video Games to comic books to his love of Heroclix and Dungeons And Dragons. He was just a young kid working at the local hobby shop before he met the girl who changed his life forever. At a gaming convention Dexter met the Korean Beauty known in the UTA as Ivy. It was an instant connection between the 2 as Ivy shared the same interests as Dexter did. However Ivy was training to be a pro wrestler. This intrigued Dexter and proved to be a new challenge for him. Dexter traveled with Ivy picking up the techniques from her and observing other superstars figuring out how he can modify moves to make them better. With his girlfriend by his side Dexter comes to the UTA to bring a unique scientific approach to pro wrestling. 
UTA Awards:   
UTA Championships:   
Other Feds:  NA  
  • C/O Ben Halkum
    312 Star Dr
    Quinlan, TX 75474

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