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Devin Surefire Biography


Real Name:  Devin Adams  
Nicknames:  The Last Emperor, Crimson King, The Violent Revolutionary, Bloodsoaked  
Hometown:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Birthday:  June 15th  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  238 lbs 


Biography:  Devin Adams always had dreams of being a professional wrestler, yet he wanted to use his genius to pursue other things. All through school, teachers would tell Devin to put his mind to science or other fields. He listened to a point. In college, Devin worked as an assistant to an English professor. While that happened, Devin would go to wrestling shows. Slowly but surely, that want to become a wrestler flooded back in. Buying his own gear, Devin sought out the nearest wrestling promotion in America.

JHW was the place. They trained him to wrestle. He would find much success there. Their hardcore style helped create a defence in Devin’s physiology. Soon, he decided to make a change. He took on the name “Surefire” as he became the leader of an anarchist based faction with JHW. They were known as the “Surefire family”. Soon, JHW would merge into a much more publicized organization. REW became the young wrestler’s new home. Years would go by of Surefire being a top guy within the company. Yet when REW died, Surefire found himself lost. He took an extensive break to come back to a changed game.

Promotions of all sorts brought him in and he wrestled exceptionally. As he worked bit by bit to get somewhere, the world of CAW began to know Surefire as one of the best wrestlers of their generation. He carried NGC and took over PWR. Yet he wanted more than that. He wanted to spread his original doctrine of violence. He wants blood to be shed and knowledge to be spread.

Now, the man comes to UTA, hoping to take on new challenges and find himself in a new environment. It can never hurt to try.

Welcome to the Crimson age, my friends. 
Other Feds:  REW, JHW, NGC, PWR, TXW, PNW  
Other Fed Titles:  REW World Champion (x3), JHW World Champion (x1), REW US Champion (x2), REW Reckless Champion (x1), JHW US Champion (x1), TXW Internet Champion (x1), PNW National Champion (x1), NGC International Champion (x1)  
Other Fed Awards:  CAW Most Charismatic (x2), CAW Best on Interviews, Feud of the Year  

Superstar Quote

"You can tell everyone at the over priced autograph signings you do when you retire that you wrestled one of the greats… and lost… twice. They will be impressed you ever had an opportunity to step into a ring with me."

- La Flama Blanca

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