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Real Name:  Joseph John Bennett  
Nicknames:  "Valiant", "J.V"  
Hometown:  St. Petersburg, FL  
Birthday:  26/05/1983  
Height:  6' 2"  
Weight:  232 lbs 


Biography:  Joe Bennett is a divorced father-of-one, striving to turn his life around, following some of the most tumultuous years of his existence. Bennett's 7-year marriage to his first love, Rebecca Russell, ended in 2012, following “irreconcilable differences”; the legal term agreed upon for Rebecca's decision to engage in a two-year affair with a co-worker.

Having left the family home in Bristol, Florida - Bennett struggled to come to terms with the stress he had been burdened with as a result of the divorce and spiraled into a severe depression. Thanks to a family intervention - spear-headed by his mother and father - Joe sought out medical help, enabling him to turn his life back around in a positive direction.

Concerned by the lack of influence he was having on his 7-year-old son, Michael, as a result of restricted visitation, Joe took the decision to make good on his high-school wrestling background by returning to intense physical training, with a view to forging a career in professional wrestling; a sport enjoyed by his son. Bennett created a masked character that he hoped would attract the esteem of Michael, in order to project positive life lessons and influences to the boy through the character, without ever revealing his true identity to his son, as doing so could result in negative interference from his mother, Rebecca.

With that in mind, Jay Valiant was born.

Having wrestled for a little under two years in back-water promotions across the East Coast, Valiant has enjoyed limited success. He has focused on perfecting his persona and fine-tuning it, so that in the event of a television deal with a professional company, he'd be ready to impress his son.

On January 5th 2015, the United Toughness Alliance signed Jay Valiant to a full time contract, providing him with the necessary platform to bond with his son, no matter how unusual it may seem.