David Hendrix Biography

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Real Name:  Elvis McDonald  
Nicknames:  Kung Fu Mechanic  
Hometown:  Atlanta, GA  
Birthday:  June 6th, 1965  
Height:  6'0  
Weight:  215 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  Elvis McDonald has been wandering the planet since the death of disco. A former mechanic, it is said that one day he simply wrapped his headband around his forehead, and walked his ass right out the garage door with nothing but his coveralls on and his wrench in his hand. He has reportedly trained in Kung Fu all over the planet. He has lived amongst the monks of Tibet, he has wandered the south of China, gathering the deadly secrets of Wing Chun and, most specifically, the White Crane technique of Shaolin Boxing.

He believes in peace. He believes in equality. He will not stand by idly and watch either become threatened.

He believes he has a purpose beyond human understanding. He may or may not be a prophet, but he is certainly a revolutionary. He fights oppression in all forms.