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Dan Benson Biography


Real Name:  Dan Benson  
Nicknames:  Natural Boy  
Hometown:  Minneapolis MN  
Birthday:  6/19/79  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  243 lbs 


Biography:  Dan started out in fall of 1998 in NeWA-WCCW, and IWA. after a couple of months he already captured his first gold being the WCCW TV Championship, and shortly after won the IWA Northern Championship. His success continued until he became World Class Southwest champion, while the same time he left IWA and went to NeWA's Atlantic territory and quickly became their top champion there as well. Eventually Dan became frustrated with the lack of talent in WCCW so he dumped the belt into the garbage and walked out of WCCW and returned to the IWA and won there international title very quickly. His NeWA career took a turn for the worst when he lost a loser leaves NeWA match against Mr. Sinsation so he was forced to vacate the title and leave. A few months later Dan appeared in the WfWA and joined the England region and the Rocky Mountain region. He quickly captured gold there and elevated up to win the WfWA North American Championship. After disputes with management Dan left the WfWA and vanished from wrestling all together.

During the winter of 2005 Dan once again came back to the NeWA's SCCW region and enjoyed moderate success there until they left the NeWA, and he made another run in WCCW. While there Dan got into a feud with Mike Bell. During that feud Benson received a knee injury and forced him out of the ring for four more years. In 2009 he appeared again in the WCCW. When he appeared he brought a garbage can and pulled out the Southwest championship out of the garbage and crowned himself champion. Will Tocci immediately called for a title unification match which Benson won. Eventually he lost the title to Justin Dawes, and began to feud again against Mike Bell. History repeated itself once again and Dan sustained another knee injury and forced out of the ring yet again. During this time Dan went to Europe for experimental surgery on his knee. When he recovered he went to Japan where he trained for two years to re-tune his skills.

Just this year Dan made his appearance back in the NeWA with the goal to become world champion. Shortly after he arrived Sean Jackson left the NeWA with the belt, and Dan followed ending him back in WCCW and the WeWA. Since Dan has arrived he had been trying hard to win the world championship only to face obstacles in his way like Will Tocci and Texas Lightning. At a recent WCCW card Sean Jackson narrowly escaped with the WeWA championship.

Dan's personality is he never backs down from a fight. He can be on the top of the hill, and if somebody comes and calls him out he will place his honor on the line to prove he is right. He will win at all costs when he is in battle. Dan is also somebody who won't break his word to screw somebody over. If he is in a tag match, he won't turn on his partner, he is in it to win it.

With Dan's arrival in the UTA will Dan stay on the path of his ultimate goal becoming world champion? Or will the glitz and glamour of the UTA make him stray? 
Other Feds:  WeWA- WCCW  
Other Fed Titles:  WeWA World Champion  
Other Fed Awards:   


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