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Real Name:  Born Hushi Din, legally changed to Abdul Ahad  
Nicknames:  The Missionary  
Hometown:  Medina, Saudi Arabia  
Birthday:  August 28, 1991  
Height:  6'3''  
Weight:  245 lbs 


Biography:  Hushi Din grew up in the bustling city of Medina with a passion for technology that outweighed the fervor for the Islamic faith that his parents attempted to instill into him. He was an intelligent child, far surpassing his classmates in school. He continued to practice the religion of his forefathers, but it just couldn't match the beauty of technology. Though, in the summer of 2010, his mindset changed. A suicide bomber targeted a new mall that had recently opened in Medina and Din, who had been visiting the new Apple store, found himself trapped. For three days he sat in darkness, with only his thoughts to keep him occupied as rescue crews dug through the rubble all around him. It was in this time that Din underwent an epiphany and Abdul Ahad was born. He was found on the fourth day, greeting his saviors with scripture, the start of his new-found devotion for Allah. Din, know going by his new name, left Saudi Arabia two months later to study computer technology and world religion at the University of Tokyo. It was here that he discovered professional wrestling, a sport he found himself drawn to. He meticiously studied tapes of various matches until finally he tried out for the dojo of a local federation, who accepted him. Wrestling had always been a hobby, with his studies and his prayers his first priority. He eventually stepped away from the sport after graduation as he joined the work world. In his six months off, Abdul Ahad made his name famous in Saudi Arabia by inventing the "Allah Anytime" app for the iPhone, which basically connected Muslims to the Koran no matter where they were, providing direct links to scripture that answered their questions. Ahad didn't feel that he was truly doing his master justice by inventing apps for believers; instead, he felt the desire to reach out to those who didn't know the beauty of his god. Thus, this desire to act as a missionary to the masses, coupled with the itch to return to wrestling, inspired Ahad to leave his homeland once more to wrestle. He eventually found the IWF, and with it, his chance to reach the world with his message.

Abdul made his American wrestling debut in the Internet Wrestling Federation, where he picked up an impressive win over fellow newcomer Johnny Jay. On the same night, Ahad established his quest for the purification of the IWF by targeting Richard Roman, former porn star turned wrestler; Ahad declared that sodomy and sexual impurity was his first target that night. With Roman's departure from the company shortly afterwards, one could consider it a success, though Ahad felt bad he couldn't turn Roman's ways before he disappeared. Ahad was quick to change focus, though, targeting the racist, white supremacist tag team Right America the following week as they were berating a Hispanic competitor by the name of Face; on the same night, Ahad picked up his first loss in the company, losing to the current Warzone champion DTR in a Fatal Four-Way match, though Ahad wasn't the one pinned. Ahad would make up the loss two weeks later against Mike Lane, putting him at 2-1 in his career. He also continued his feud with Right America alongside his new ally Face, putting up with the pair's rants of Ahad's terrorist origins. The four men were set to collide at Game Over, but the company closed the following week, thus preventing the match-up ever to occur.

Now jobless, Ahad cried out for Allah to point him in the next direction. And his master replied with three, simple letters: UTA

And so he went