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Cormick O Conner Biography


Real Name:  Cormick O’Conner  
Nicknames:  The Irish Son  
Hometown:  Castlebar, Ireland  
Birthday:  December 23rd, 1987  
Height:  6 ft 3 in  
Weight:  233 lbs 


Biography:  Cormick O'Conner hails from Castlebar which is in the the northwest corner of Ireland. Along with his strong Irish accent and pride, Cormick brings a hefty amount of experience of being a part of the pub nightlife and 'friendly' tassels. Many of which resulted in him spending the night at the local Gardaí shop.

While he may be very bullheaded and short tempered, Cormick is no criminal or of that nature. He speaks his mind when he sees fit and takes action when he thinks necessary. Usually if one is on the other end of that spectrum it isn't going to come out good, that's for sure. Deep inside, Cormick has soft heart for good intentions and looks to put scum in their place.

He has wrestled only within his home country for not even a year. When the UTA stopped in Dublin for Wrestleshow #47 while on their international tour, O'Conner attended the event and was extremely intrigued. He's spent years throwing jabs in pubs and making drunken fools submit to his intimidation. Now, to have the chance to do so with so many other types of people between the ropes and not have to worry about leaving in handcuffs though...that is something O'Conner couldn't be more excited for. 
Other Feds:  None  
Other Fed Titles:  None  
Other Fed Awards:  None  

Superstar Quote

"If you think I'm just plucky and scrappy and all I need is love, you're in over your head."

- Kathryn Velmont Thomas

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