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Chris Ross Biography


Real Name:  Christopher J. Ross  
Nicknames:  The Boss  
Hometown:  Harrisburg PA  
Birthday:  10/23/86  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  250 lbs lbs 


Biography:  What can you say about Chris Ross? He's brash, rude, crude, has no filter on his mouth, and is an overall ass hole. From the mean streets of Harrisburg Chris Ross has emerged from the concrete jungle to hit the pro wrestling scene. He graduated from Lancaster Championship Wrestling with more suplexes in his arsenal than most people can think of. Constantly boasting his area code and repping HBG he comes to the UTA for gold, glory, and extra money to get that lambo he oh so deserves! 
UTA Awards:   
UTA Championships:   
Other Feds:  NA  
  • C/O Ben Halkum
    312 Star Dr
    Quinlan, TX 75474

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