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CBR Biography


Real Name:  Claude Baptiste Ranier  
Nicknames:  The Canadian Star, CBR; The God of Kings (adopted after a trip to Egypt and CBR's fascination with the legend of Horus)  
Hometown:  Montreal, Canada  
Birthday:  19th May 1984  
Height:  6ft 4  
Weight:  257 lbs 


Biography:  Young, cocky, talented, ambitious...these were all once fine words to describe the Canadian Star, CBR. A two time world champion by the age of 23, Claude Baptiste Ranier was a burgeoning star destined for success. Born in 1984 as Claude Sebastien, to the Sebastien wrestling dynasty in Canada, he was brought up in and around the business surprising no one when he became a wrestling champion at School and College. Joining the Ethrington-Kae wrestling school at the age of 17, he developed his skills and was allowed a spot in his father's Wrestling company, the MWL (Montreal Wrestling League) - in an effort to help put top stars over and act as referee when needed. Believing himself better than that and encouraged by the school's head trainer and 10-time World Champion Jonny Kae, Claude had a disagreement with his father and aged 20 walked away from his heritage and into the professional ranks himself.

CBR joined the MWA, Midwest Wrestling Alliance, in 2006, winning their top belt and remaining undefeated. In 2007 he joined the startup PrYde, spending two years with the company and being their first ever World Champion and Extreme Tag Team Champion, forming and leading a stable called 'ELITE' that would go on to dominate the organisation. In 2009 Ranier unexpectedly left the wrestling business, citing business interests elsewhere. Records show that during this time, CBR was a named Director in a growing Import-Export business that floated in 2013 - what his role in this company was is unclear, as Ranier rarely talks or writes about his time outside of wrestling.

In 2014, Ranier returned to the ring under the name Claude Baptiste Ranier again, competing for the UTA. Remaining unbeaten for six months, CBR dethroned Yoshii for the Internet Title and held the belt for an impressive 237 days, before his decision to seek medical help for a problem he had been suffering for a number of months. In July 2014, Ranier approached fellow 'heels' Perfection and Sean Jackson to form Dynasty, a group that would rule the company for over 18 months. Together, they would go on to dominate the wrestling landscape, adding La Flama Blanca after a famous swerve and the kick heard around the world in late 2014. CBR has been credited as being one of the finest technical wrestlers on the planet, in part due to his tutelage at a very young age with his wrestling family and the infamous Jonny Kae. Although the family have often been vocal about The Canadian Star, he very rarely mentions them, saying his legacy is his own.

In 2015, following the departure of La Flama Blanca from the UTA, CBR had a change of heart, protecting Zhalia Fears from a beatdown at the hands of the remaining members of Dynasty, Kendrix and Mikey Unlikely. Weeks later, they turned on the Canadian Star and the stable that had dominated the title pictures in UTA for almost two years imploded.

CBR holds victories over some of the most recognisable names in the sport including La Flama Blanca, Justin Possible, Chris Hopper, John Sektor and Ron Hall. With the proudest record in the UTA, the question is how far can the Canadian Star truly go... 
Other Feds:  PRYDE, MWA (as CBR), ICWF, VWF, HSW, AWC (as Jonny Kae), GCW, FUSE, GLOBAL, CWF (as others)  
Other Fed Titles:  PrYde World Heavyweight Title (1); PrYde Extreme Tag Team Title (2); MWA Heavyweight Title (1)  
Other Fed Awards:   


  • Bask in the warmth of the Canadian Star, CBR
  • I am that once in a generation federation subjugation!
  • On your knees to the God of Kings

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"Shock The World!"

- Dan Benson

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