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Brother Judas Biography


Real Name:  Judas  
Hometown:  Wherever HIS Word is Spoken  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  7ft 2in  
Weight:  312 lbs 


Biography:  Brother Judas was sold into underground slavery at a young age. Being forced to endure torture and pain that no human should have to, he grew to hate the world and everything in it. Violence was the only way of life he knew until The Good Reverend rescued him and taught Judas HIS word.

Now Brother Judas follows only HIM, helping deliver HIS justice to the non believers. 
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Superstar Quote

"Da Probslems wit dat is da damn deert piss isss too spensive. So da Dibbins outsmarteded dem! We got are pee for free!"

- Duke Dibbins

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