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Real Name:  Lamond Alexander Robertson  
Nicknames:  L-A-R  
Hometown:  Pockton, Scotland  
Birthday:  19/04/1980  
Height:  6ft 4  
Weight:  267 lbs 


Biography:  Born and raised in Scotland, Lamond Alexander Robertson is new to the sport of professional wrestling. Having made a career for himself previously in the gold mining industry, as a Political Risk surveyor to new sites, Robertson was away from home much of the time - travelling to places such as Chile, Zimbabwe and Malaysia, leaving his young son and wife at home.

One day, upon returning home, Lamond found his wife ill following a car accident. The doctors told him they'd found a tumor, too far gone to be operated upon and within four months his wife had passed, leaving Robertson to take care of his only son. On her death bed, Lamond's wife Emily had made him promise to be the role model his son could follow, to teach him how to be a man and to be there for their son.

It was then that LAR was born, Robertson realising his son's love of wrestling and seeking to connect with the boy and become one of his heroes as well as his father. Now Lamond's life revolves around his son, and wrestling, seeking to be the man his son can follow and teach him how to be a man one day.