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Real Name:  James Witherhold  
Hometown:  Los Angeles, California  
Birthday:  5/5/1979  
Height:  6'0  
Weight:  222 lbs 


Biography:  James started out living in San Diego until moving to the Hollywood area looking for work in show business. After making a few rolls as side characters and walk on rolls his heart no longer was settled in the movie and TV industry.

James would enter into many venture capital projects and investments shortly after his Hollywood stint netting multi-millions on capital investments and speculations based off the 2005 housing market crash.

After successfully making his money Perfection would later take a side gig with a local wrestling promotion and to make a move to Seattle to work for the now dissolved IWF. He would become the last IWF champion.

Perfection started the UTA's most dominant stable "Dynasty" with Claude Baptiste Rainer, and Sean Jackson. He built Dynasty up to include other members such as La Flama Blanca and others. However, following his release from UTA was no longer active in Dynasty. All would have the strongest stable in UTA history.

Perfection's Trade Card is available only as a special release in select packages.