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Brez Biography


Real Name:  Jason Breslin  
Nicknames:  N/A  
Hometown:  Madison, Wisconsin  
Birthday:  August 3rd, 1987  
Height:  6 ft 6 in  
Weight:  273 lbs 


Biography:  A former D-II All-American football player, Breslin was recruited by developmental territories throughout the nation to pursue a pro wrestling career. After failing to make a professional football team, Breslina decided to join KlashKor Pro Training and personally be trained by Seth Payne (Klash) and Kevin Hawk (Kor), both whom are UTA Hall of Famers.

He was been on the independent circuit in the Great Lakes area and lower parts of Canada. He had done shows here and there in the south, but officially signed his first ever pro contract with the re-emerging UTA.

Brez was destined to make his impact on the wrestling world and make a name for himself, no matter who was in the way.

*UPDATE* 02/09/2014 - Brez was fired by Commissioner Kevin Hawk due to his disgraceful failures at WrestleShow #6

(Breaking Kayfabe: Breslin was hired as an assistant football coach for the Eastern State University Timberwolves. 
Other Feds:  Numerous of indepent shows throughout the nation, mainly Great Lakes area.  
Other Fed Titles:  N/A  
Other Fed Awards:  N/A  


  • I'm gonna get me some.
  • Do work.

Superstar Quote

"I feel like I'm in a life raft in the middle of the ocean. The waves keep coming and the ocean is ever changing. I get sea sick easy."

- Nirvana

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