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Blue Scorpion Biography


Real Name:  Mitch Hall  
Nicknames:  Scorpio, The Ruthless Patriarch  
Hometown:  Originally Leicester, England. Now residing in Atlanta, GA.  
Birthday:  11th May 1973  
Height:  6'2''  
Weight:  257 lbs 


Biography:  Background: Moody, aggressive, yet strangely affable, The Blue Scorpion (or Scorpio as he is affectionately known) has won respect from fans and fellow wrestlers alike with his no-nonsense attitude and ruthless in-ring style.

Born and raised in the UK, Scorpio moved to America to follow his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler, going against the wishes of his father, who himself was a successful professional wrestler. Scorpio needed to be street-savvy just to survive on some of the meaner streets of Atlanta, but he took that with him into pro-wrestling.

The road to wrestling stardom was a long and arduous one for Scorpio, but he steadily rose up the ranks in several feds, yet never quite reached the big time in any of the companies he was with. Finally, after over twenty years in the business, Scorpio's most recent company also proved to be his most successful, as he dispelled his reputation as a journeyman wrestler and enjoyed a successful 18 months with Championship Wrestling Federation, becoming a 3-time tag team champion before finally winning the big one, and becoming a World Champion. Following a pretty messy split from CWF involving sexual assault allegations from a young female wrestler there, Scorpio vowed to finally call an end to his long and storied career, and enjoy his retirement. The feeling of being at the top of the mountain, though, was something that Scorp worked long and hard for, and something that was felt all too briefly. Could he really resist the pull of one last shot at the big time…?

Aside from wrestling, which has dominated his life for the best part of three decades, Scorp has very little else in the way of hobbies or other interests. His only love interest, Charlotte, was a complicated affair involving devotion, obsession and eventually betrayal, the repercussions of which were never fully explained to a public audience. Scorpio has seen it and done it all, is very world-wise but can also come across as bitter and entitled.

Brief wrestling history: Scorpio is primarily a brawler, having “wrestled” in some of the less glamorous underground wrestling clubs all across America. Despite his no-nonsense attitude and willingness to have a good scrap, he also has a reasonably sound technical wrestling base.

Despite his nomadic and stubborn ways, The Blue Scorpion found his greatest success as a tag-team wrestler throughout his career, winning the CWF Tag Team Titles three times, being part of the Demons of Death team which was voted CWF Team of the Year in its final year, and also being a founding member of The Trinity stable which dominated the CWF before the company’s demise. In singles competition, he was something of a “jobber to the stars” for much of his career, always showing promise but falling just short of main event success. This continued in the CWF, until he finally won the CWF World Title from bitter rival Jace Valentine. 
Other Feds:  CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation, Hostility, GCW - Global Championship Wrestling, SCW - Sin City Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  1x CWF World Champion, 3x CWF Tag Team Champion  
Other Fed Awards:   

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