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Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  Daughter of Satan  
Hometown:  Maplewood, New Jersey  
Birthday:  3/26/1994  
Height:  5'7"  
Weight:  119 lbs 


Biography:  Breaking into the wrestling business was difficult for Jalante. Ever since she was a teen aged girl she looked to the Devil as her savior, which was a shocker because in the affluent neighborhood of Maplewood, New Jersey she had all of the tools she needed to succeed. Money. Loving parents. An amazing education. But still, she was taken down a horrible path of satanist rock, drugs, and the thing her parents hated the most -- professional wrestling. All through her high school years she looked to wrestling, rock, and devil worship as the only things worth living for.

On her 18th birthday, Jalante decided to go to a wrestling school. Against her parents will. Six months after training Jalante struggled on the independent circuit of the wrestling business. Signing with a decent group of people in the UAW. There she won the small training promotion's top championship. From there Jalante continued competing wondering if she would ever make it to a major wrestling promotion. One day the blue haired girl performed a ritual selling her soul to the Devil. Becoming his "daughter." A few days following she was chosen out of many MANY performers to have the chance to work for UTA. Giving the praise to the Devil (rather than her own abilities) for getting this once in a lifetime opportunity Jalante is ready to carry out his will.