Apollo Cain Biography

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Real Name:  undisclosed  
Nicknames:  The Cartridge Cruiser, The 8-Bit Legend, LDO  
Hometown:  Chicago, IL  
Birthday:  February 12, 1990  
Height:  5'8"  
Weight:  188 lbs 


Biography:  LDO was born and raised in Rogers Park, a diverse, beautiful, yet crime-riddled neighborhood in far north Chicago. An undersized and lonely nerd, LDO dove headfirst into the safe havens that video games and televised professional wrestling afforded him, so much so that they became his entire world. He refuses to touch any game that came out on a system released after the 1990s; in his opinion, these games strive so hard to produce photo-realistic visual effects that they had became too similar to the "real" world, a world where he was still struggling to find his place. As he grew up and entered adulthood, he found his stride, though no less obsessed with the alternate universes his mind had latched onto in wrestling and old-school video games. He is now living out his personal dream, unifying his two great obsessions into a single bizarre journey of personal escapism that may one day swallow his mind whole.

In NFW, he became their Triple Crown Champion, dethroning a man who held the title for five years; his personal quest has brought him to new vistas and new challenges where he continues to define his legacy.