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Amy Harrison Biography


Real Name:  Amy Lynn Harrison-Baker  
Nicknames:  N/A  
Hometown:  Belfast, Northern Ireland  
Birthday:  April 5th, 1989  
Height:  5'4  
Weight:  118 lbs 


Biography:  Amy Harrison is the youngest of the Harrison Wrestling Dynasty. She’s the sister of current Girl Power Wrestling Star, Mary Ellen Harrison. Her wrestling family includes her being married to controversial underground wrestler, CJ Baker and being the sister in law of former Girl Power Wrestling star and West Coast Champion, Sabrina Baker. Despite her looking beautiful, Amy does have a mouth to her and has no problem using it while telling others to shut the fuck up when they get annoying. 
Other Feds:  N/A  

Superstar Quote

"Hate only festers, it never dies!"

- Ian Michaels Hate

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