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Alex Beckman Biography


Real Name:  Alexandra Beckman  
Nicknames:  The Thai-Breaker, The BTKO Killer  
Hometown:  Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan (Currently Residing In Chicago, IL)  
Birthday:  January 29, 1989  
Height:  5'7"  
Weight:  135 lbs 


Biography:  The daughter of a Marine Corps Captain, Alexandra “Alex” Beckman was born an American citizen at Camp Kinser on the island of Okinawa, Japan. She lost her mother shortly before her third birthday, an event that impacted her childhood and shaped her life going forward. Described by her teachers as “aggressive” and “short tempered”, growing up on base wasn’t easy for Beckman. At the behest of her father, in an effort to curb her rebellious, disrespectful behavior, Alex was enrolled as a judoka at the Kodokan in Toyko at the age of 9, earning her 4th Dan black belt in Judo at the age of 16. Instead of finding an inner peace through her training, Beckman seemed fueled by her short temper and inherent aggressiveness. Her inner anger helped her storm through tournaments in both Japan and Germany, where her father was stationed briefly after she had reached the age of adulthood.

Alex eventually packed her bags and headed to the United States, paid for by her father with the understanding that she would attempt to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team as a Judoka. However, having never truly outgrown her rebellious streak, Beckman ditched out on the qualifiers and headed straight into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Working at a gym in Los Angeles and taking on cornerman duties in exchange for her training, Beckman began to study the art of Olympic style wrestling in an effort to further her craft. While her short temper and disrespectful attitude had shunned her from her peers in the world of Judo, her attitude was beneficial within the cage. After racking up a small but impressive undefeated streak in local amateur circuits, she was called back to Japan as a key performer for Fighting Spirit VICTORY, an up and coming Mixed Martial Arts organization.

Suddenly, at the height of her MMA career, Beckman dropped off the professional circuit. Rumors ran rampant that she had been ejected from the sport, while others insisted that a disagreement with a promoter over a fight purse had escalated and gone terrible awry. In any case, at the age of 24, Beckman returned to the United States and enrolled in Chicago’s Five Time Academy, training under veteran fighter Darren Washington and HOW Hall of Famer Michael Lee Best, learning the craft of professional wrestling. 
Other Feds:  High Octane Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:  Undefeated in HOW  


  • The only way Zhalia Fears or The Second Coming are getting into a ring in Japan would be carrying signs that say “Round One”.
  • When I walk into a cage, or into the ring, I’m not a girl. I am a fighter, and I don’t stop until someone goes to sleep.
  • If you tell someone that you’re going to break their arm, and then you do it, that’s not arrogance. That’s prophecy.
  • See if she's dead, Jun. No Interviews.
  • I am more than just a pair of tits with a wicked snap front kick.

Superstar Quote

"Uncle Rocky is not here right now! I think he maybe went shopping for healthy snacks and to teach sick kids the value of clinging to life!"

- Robot Pete

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