Alex Beckman Biography

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Real Name:  Jackie Martinez  
Nicknames:  Argentinian Scrapper, Iron Woman  
Hometown:  Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Birthday:  August 17, 1992  
Height:  5'6"  
Weight:  125 lbs 


Biography:  Ever since she and her family emigrated to East St. Louis when she was a child. She knows a thing or two on how to overcome adversity. That's her life story, she grew in one of America's most dangerous neighborhoods and lived to tell about it. She uses what she learned to survive growing up also in the wrestling industry. Hence her rugged ground and pound and martial arts style offense. She now wants to right her wrongs from her past, and she's turned into an extremely charitable woman. No longer breaking the rules, she believes in doing what's right for the business, coming back as a part-time wrestler to counteract those that have wronged the organization. Now only if she can work things out with her younger sister.