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Real Name:  Derek Parks  
Nicknames:  DCP , The Dirty One  
Hometown:  Chicago, IL  
Birthday:  January 10th, 1975  
Height:  6'0  
Weight:  245 lbs 


Biography:  Wrestling History: In the late 90's DCP was trained by General Buddy Lee Thompson in Chicago, IL. He worked for Thompson's promotion in Chicago for almost a year until he got a gig in Canada where he started wrestling for NPWA. Injuries have had a major role in DCP's wrestling career.

1997-1999 NPWA There he wrestled under the wrestling name Bowa The Snake Man. While in the NPWA Derek became part of the alliance The Perfect Role Models. He also won the NPWA World Television Title during his stay with the NPWA. He had a short feud with a guy by the name of Mick “The Wrecker” McGreggor. After a year or so with the promotion Derek didn't care for the direction the company was going with the new owner so he moved on.

1999-2004 Various promotions across the Midwest
Derek wrestled under the name of Bowa The Snake Man for various indy promotions throughout the midwest.

2004-2006 BACW
Derek dropped the Bowa The Snake Man gimmick and started going by the name DCP Derek”cheapshot” Parks. During his stay with BACW DCP became one of the most controversial wrestlers of all time. He had a brutal feud with Chris Ross. Won many titles with the company. Many believe that he was the best television champion of all time in the company. He pulled off some great upsets during his stay. He had an ongoing feud with BACW owner Mr. Batee. He also formed the short lived alliance known as the NDW due to this feud. In 2006 DCP won the Heavyweight Title. Unfortunately during the match he broke his neck and caused his wrestling career to be on the shelve for 7 years.

Drugs and alcohol became a major part of Derek's life. He spent a lot of time in an out of rehabs. His marriage to his high school sweetheart Jamie Anderson ended due to his drug and alcohol abuse. As well as the constant affair he was having with Sarah Richards. In 2007 Derek's divorce with Jamie was final and he then married Sarah Richards. The couple share a 5 year old daughter together which was big reason they got married. Their daughter's name is Chelsea. Derek's 16 year old son Christian that he shares with Jamie wants nothing to do with him. Derek hasn't spoken to his son in over 4 years now.

2013-Present BACW
At this year's Grinder DCP made his return as the silent partner that brought back The MegaFreak to terrorize The Spectre. DCP has returned for revenge and to take back the title that he claims he never lost. In 2014 DCP won the BACW Heavyweight Championship and both the NeWA World Television and NeWA World Heavyweight Championships.