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Alexander Redd Biography


Real Name:  Alexander Redd  
Nicknames:  Alexander The Great, Fourth Generation Goldmine, The Renegade, The Radical Prodigy  
Hometown:  Columbus, OH  
Birthday:  07/06/1988  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  230 lbs 


Biography:  Born Alexander James Redd on July 6th of 1988 in Columbus, Ohio. Alexander was born into the sport of professional wrestling before he could breathe. The Redd family legacy in professional wrestling had dated all the way back to the 1930's when Alex's great grandfather, James Redd had wrestled on the pro circuit in Canton, Ohio as "The Red Reaper". James Redd had passed the tradition on to his son, Alex's grandfather, James Redd Jr. James Redd Jr. had wrestled for a short time, spanning from 1953 to 1958 and then returned from 1960 to 1968. Alex's father, Eric Redd had truly taken the Redd name to it's highest peak in professional wrestling with his illustrious career. Eric Redd had become a multi-millionaire during his 30 plus year career in professional wrestling. He started off from the ground up, debuting in 1979 and working the independent circuits. He officially called it quits on his in ring competing in 1997 after 18 years of performing. He had won multiple world, tag, and various other titles in his career and was adored by the fans, staff, locker room, and everyone else in the business. Unable to walk away just yet, he continued working in the business side of the sport from late '97 to 2011 doing broadcasting, scouting, writing, training, and other various tasks before eventually running his own training dojo. Alexander was born an only child and loved wrestling from the moment he watched it. If you asked his mother, she'd tell you the only thing she ever heard out of his mouth was that he wanted to be the "best wrestler ever." He began training with his father at the age of 6 and was bound and determined to have the most deadly moveset of any wrestler in the business. Thanks to his father's success and friendship with different wrestling personalities, Alex spent a lot of time training with various different wrestlers constantly evolving with different styles and tactics. Alex finally felt he had his craft nearly perfected when he debuted on the Ohio indy scene in 2005 right before his 17th birthday. He had continued to train and work in his father's dojo and work his way up the independent circuit until he caught a big break in Las Vegas, Nevada. A innovative company that was gaining national exposure decided to sign Alex to a contract. He quickly signed and began to gain popularity from his talent but his head began to swell rather quickly. After winning the world title, Alex lost all control. He began to have major differences with the staff and disruptions with the locker room. He was given the boot in 2011 and some say that his antics are what caused his father to retire all together. Unable to find work, Alex began getting involved in gambling on sports and other things and began running into trouble. He liked to party and loved the nightlife of Las Vegas. His father has cut off all contact but his mother just can't find it in her heart to give up on Alex. Not completely sober, but not an alcoholic or drug addict either, Alex has finally vowed to regain his rightful spot at the top of the professional wrestling mountain. 
Other Feds:  EAW, Warped Wrestling, FGA, ULW  
Other Fed Titles:  ULW Livewire Champion (x2), ULW Xtreme Champion (x2), ULW Tag Team Champion  
Other Fed Awards:  ULW Rookie Of The Year (2006)  

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