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Real Name:  Mariella Jade, with a last initial of F  
Nicknames:  2C, MJF  
Hometown:  New York  
Birthday:  1/22/??  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  140 lbs 


Biography:  The Second Coming showed up in Valor Championship Wrestling with what turned out to be a phony resume and fabricated credentials, but she has since proven herself to be a capable and formidable athlete.

Very little is known about her to date; she is obsessively secretive, though things have come out a bit at a time:

- Her parents are both entertainers of some sort, and possibly other family members as well.
- Her father was a well known professional wrestler.
- There is some kind of studio in her basement with an electronic lock and warning light.
- Her best friend Jacy, and her ex boyfriend appear to be the only ones who know her real name and full history.
- When 'Beautiful' Bobby Dean found what he assumed to be an adult movie starring the Second Coming, the Second Coming contacted her aunt, who managed to get the video pulled, a retraction press release written, and an undisclosed settlement paid to 2C, within twelve hours. On a Sunday.
- It is not known to the wrestlers, however it is known to the omniscient audience that the Second Coming's alter ego, Mariella Jade, is a mere high school student.

More as it develops.